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exterior paint removal

I have a 1923 home that someone repainted about 10 years ago the paint is falling off and crackling. what is the best way to remove the paint and prep so that this will not happen again?

Re: exterior paint removal

Ours was built in 1918 and it has all those years of paint. Its all pealing and looked terrible. We started working on it a few (8) years ago. I have been using a heat gun and stripping all the paint down to the wood.

Once I have the wood stripped, I cover everything with a coat of Linseed Oil. I let that dry for a day or two. This seems to help return the wood to its original condition.

Next I make any repairs necessary.

Lastly Prime and paint. I use a good oil based paint and a spray gun. The paint I put on a few years ago is still pretty good in places, but peeling in others. But at least now its manageable.

I don't know if this is what Tommy would do, but it seems to work for me. Just taking a long time, but then I am retired.http://advice.thisoldhouse.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Re: exterior paint removal

With that age house, check to see if the paint is leaded before you start removal - whether it is or not will affect the techniques you can/should use to remove it. My local big-box home improvement store didn't carry testing kits for lead paint, but a smaller paint store did. Some kits are apparently easier to use than others - check your local library for Consumer Reports' ratings.


Re: exterior paint removal

Oh, geez. I hadn't even thought about the lead paint aspect of removing the exterior paint on the 1940's house we are getting. I just wanted advise on removing the paint. Can you just strip it off and re-paint over it, or do you have to take it all the way back to the wood?:confused:

Re: exterior paint removal

The Paint Shaver is the fastest method of removing house paint. It rips off the paint in two passes and sucks the debris into a wet dry vac. I done three house this way. You will need to sand using a power disk sander as the paint shaver will leave the wood a little fuzzy. They advertise in every issue of This Old House and Old House Journal.

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