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Exterior Lighting/Front Porch

I recently swaped out the old light fixture for a new one. The new one that I had mounted does not want to work. Its not faulty, i wired it white to white, black to black, and ground to copper. And copper to the green screw. And i turned the electricy back on to that circuit. Still no luck.


Re: Exterior Lighting/Front Porch

How do you know it's not faulty? Have you done a resistive test on black and white conductors to switch and the new lamp?

Re: Exterior Lighting/Front Porch

If the original was working before swapping out with the new fixture ....
and guessing you have a good bulb then either the new fixture may be faulty or there is a problem with the circuit wiring.

If you have a multi meter ( volt/ohm ) you can perform a continuity check between the black wire and the center button and the white wire and the case of the socket..... this would be done with the new fixture disconnected form the circuit.

Set the meter to ohms .... touch the red test lead to the center button in the socket ..... while doing that touch the black test lead to the black wire on the fixture ..... you should see 0 ohms.
Repeat the same method with the white wire and the case of the fixture socket and you should also get 0 ohms.

If that checks out then you ill need to have the black and white wires checked for power.

Re: Exterior Lighting/Front Porch

Will toss in my 2 cents -

Wild guess is that this new fixture came with stranded wire leads. Coupling stranded to a solid source wire with a wire nut often leaves no connection at all because the stranded wire gets pushed back when the nut is applied. Unless you tug on each wire after the fact to ascertain good connection, but instead assume there is a connection....this sort of "what's wrong" dilemma rears its head fairly often.

If this sounds possible (don't know, wasn't there)...will suggest that you remove the new fixture and check for voltage at the source wires with a meter. When reattaching the new fixture...make sure there is enough stranded wire end exposed (minimum 3/8" +)... and then make sure that the stranded wire end is situated such that its end is just a tad beyond the end of the solid wire end when you apply the wire nut. Once the nut is down tight-ish...tug on the stranded wire end to make sure it is secure inside the wire nut. When done connecting all the wires...flip the switch to see if things work before attaching the light fixture to the house.

Oh........don't forget to check the bulb(s) before assuming that something is wrong with the wiring, switch, etc. Might be nothing more than a bad bulb. (Again...don't know, wasn't there. )

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