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Exterior Door Problems

Hey All. Have a little issue we found on a house we are closing on soon, and wanted to get some ideas for repairing it.

The previous owners decided to enclose a porch area and make it into a sunroom. Cool idea, chose great high quality windows etc. This floor is a good 8 inches below the level of the rest of the house floors, and is even with the rest of the concrete pad that was originally just the porch. There is a 8 inch exposed pad border on the outside of the this sunroof.

Because the floor of the sunroom is level with the outside pad, water is coming in under the door and has rotted out the baseboard moulding. THe pad is only .75 inches higher than the driveway as well, so heavy rain simply rolls right towards the house.

My initial thought was I will need to build a subfloor to raise the floor up, then raise the door so its not .25 inches above the pad, but I feel like I am possibly overcomplicating it.

Is there a way to do this differently? The exterior is vinyl siding, interior is tongue and groove knotty pine boards. Floor is ceramic tile. Not opposed to raising the floor if that is the proper repair, just do not want to do more than I need, while still doing it properly.

THanks for any and all help

Re: Exterior Door Problems

Baseboard is easy to replace and you can get it in PVC so it will never rot. My concern would be the sill plate that is holding the wall up. I hope it is pressure treated (PT), but in your situation, it should be two PT 2x4's with a moisture barrier between them so that water does not migrate up to the studs and your wall boards.

Re: Exterior Door Problems

I don't think that you provided enough details, but it looks like raising the floor might help. A pic should help.

Re: Exterior Door Problems

I wish I had more pictures, but this is the only one I saved as I was focused on water damage as far as the inspection was concerned. I will have to wait until closing to take more as the current owners are still living there.

Once I get more pictures I will post them here and hopefully it will help make more sense out of what I am looking at.

Thanks all!

PS- I have tried uploading the picture about 6 times. It just won't allow it, so I guess I will have to try something else

Re: Exterior Door Problems

Better post your photo on a host, like photobucket, then post your link here.

Re: Exterior Door Problems

Not only wood rot but future termites and ants.

Re: Exterior Door Problems
JDCrae wrote:

Because the floor of the sunroom is level with the outside pad, water is coming in under the door

That is a poor design and the correct solution would be to have the pad lower or gone outside which at this point is not going to be easily done, especially with the driveway elevation being a factor too. Since that can't be fixed the only option is to seal that juncture as best you can to keep the water from coming in. If you don't you're going to continue to have problems which will culminate with the sill plate either rotting or decomposing it's grain bond and falling apart from the wetness. If the water outside ever goes higher than what you've sealed that will happen anyway, so I'd make an "L" flashing to extend up at least an inch where the walls meet the pad and do whatever I could to seal the threshold. And I'd want an aluminum threshold so it wouldn't rot which may require placing a new frame. I'd also do everything I could to contain and redirect the water away from the wall-pad interface, maybe a grate drain piped away would be feasible- gutters piped away similarly would be a must.

I've worked on a similar situation with a 'glass wall' involved where the site grading can't be easily altered so every ten years or so the wood has to be replaced. The owner wants no design changes and has the money to pay for the re-do so he gets what he wants knowing it will not last. Most folks aren't that rich though ;)


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