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Exterior Cedar Posts-Are they ruined? Help!

I hired a painter to paint my exterior. On my front porch I had stained cedar posts. The painter’s crew painted my fading cedar posts with water based stain and it looked awful. It literally looked like they were painted brown. No grain visible at all. I was not happy and told fhem so. Next thing I know, he has the crew out there power washing the stain off the cedar  and then he stains it with oil based stain, as it had been originally. It is very splotchy and uneven. It looks awful. Also, the grain of the cedar is fuzzy in places. It seems to me the cedar has been destroyed with the power washing at such high pressure. Also, he let the posts dry overnight but is that long enough? My questions: is my cedar ruined? Will the oil based stain ever become even? They have made numerous mistakes and this is just one of the two biggest. Is there hope? I need advice ASAP. I have not yet paid them anything. 

The forman told me they “had” to use water based stain so it would be even. He told me this AFTER the oil based stain came out so uneven. Claimed that on older wood (15 yrs old) oil based won’t go on evenly. That makes no sense to me. I need some experienced advice. Thanks 

Re: Exterior Cedar Posts-Are they ruined? Help!

Well, you've probably paid them by now... but you shouldn't have.

Power washing any wood is bad practice and a 24 hour dry time is no where near adequate. Cedar posts should've been sanded and had a boiled linseed oil/mineral spirit wash applied followed by a wax finish.

You can still sand them back down to unfinished wood, although it will take work, and then apply the correct finish.

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