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exterior atrium door threshold - repair or replace

I need to replace/repair the threshold for an exterior atrium style door. Can you help? Do I need to remove both the fixed side as well as the door side? Thank you for any help you can provide. Terrie

Re: exterior atrium door threshold - repair or replace

Too many unanswered details here. Is the threshold wood or metal? Is an exact replacement available or will you have to alter one you can still get? Or will you have to create a replacement? And what about the framing under the threshold- is it still sound enough or will it need work too?

It would seem that you might do better to have a few local contractors discuss this with you and offer you their opinions. They will immediately be able see what you need and can advise you better than we can here lacking the details you didn't post.


Re: exterior atrium door threshold - repair or replace

The exterior door threshold damage is one of the common things we face in a home or a building. This is mainly due to the fact that the area is under constant stress due to the foot traffic, temperature variation etc. If it shows the sign of wear, there are more chances for wind and insects to come inside. As far as I know this a simple DIY project to be carried out. But if you are constantly failing to execute it, it will be better to go for window and door replacement dealers.

First of all pry away the damaged door threshold carefully with a crowbar to avoid damaging the door frame. Then measure the replacement threshold and cut it to the size and lay it in the doorway to make sure it fits well. Sand the cut edges smooth and apply caulk to the bottom and at either end of the new threshold and press it into place. Don’t forget to pre-drill holes for finishing nails, nail it to the sill. If there are any holes remaining, fill it with putty. And sand the threshold and coat it with moisture resistant sealant.

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