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Re: Extend length of copper pipe under kitchen sink

Brass compression rings on the copper pipe and plastic compression rings on the plastic tubing. After I applied too much force to the copper compression ring it started leaking so I cut it off w/ a pipe cutting tool which worked well. The second time I placed a compression ring on the pipe I got it to the point where it tears only once every 10 minutes. Should I just slowly apply more force to the compression nut and hope it does not bust like the old one?

Re: Extend length of copper pipe under kitchen sink

You can try tightening it a little bit more, if that dosen't stop the leak you may need to try a different compression fitting. The problem may be in the body of the fitting rather than the ferrules or the tube. A poorly formed taper is common in mass produced fittings as well a cracks in the threaded heads.

Re: Extend length of copper pipe under kitchen sink

I noticed on my old hot water dispenser faucet that was preinstalled the compression ring on the copper tubing was much slender and the nut could slide outside the ferrule. Also the ferrule was on strong enough to put a slight dent in the copper pipe. The compression rings that Im using have a much wider ferrule with less compression force and the nut does not slide freely behind the ferrule. The first compression ring that broke was not due to an incision in the pipe but a crack in the nut. If there is another type/brand of compression ring you could recommend I would try that.

Re: Extend length of copper pipe under kitchen sink

you need to install brass insert fittings inside of the plastic tubing,youll need 2 of these fittings on for each end,these will prevent the cutting and crimping of the plastic tubing,also it may be easier for you if you cut back the 1/4 tubing from the faucet so that everything isnt jammed so close


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