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Exposing Chimmney

We live in an old 1940s Farmhouse. Ea yr we have been re-doing a room. This yr we did the kitchen area, where we broke the wall between the "parlor" area, and the kitchen. It looks great. In one corner was the chimmney for the home. We took the old plaster off of it, and exposed it. It looks very cool, so we want to just leave this. Here's the problem. Where the chimmney meets the new wall, ie dry wal, there is a gap. What should we use to join them? there is gaps where the bricks are, and the wall. It's uneven...any ideas?

Re: Exposing Chimmney

BTT? Help? I can't believe no one has encountered this? !

Re: Exposing Chimmney

Get a plasterer to replaster the chimney. .
Or, get a plasterer to float the wall plaster back over to the masonry.
Or, foam, caulk, paint.

Re: Exposing Chimmney

We don't want to replaster. The Chimmney looks very nice exposed, nor do we want plaster on the chimmney.
The gap is too large for chaulk.

We are thinking a qt round strip?

Re: Exposing Chimmney

If you don't want to replaster, then SM gave you other choices, and both are dealing with the gap issue.
You can caulk, once you fill the gap with foam, as a backing.
A quarter round will work too, but it would need backing as well, other than foam.
IMHO, the best choice is to plaster right to the chimney.

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