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Experiences with "rubber slate" anyone?

We are looking into using one of the "rubber slate" products on the side porch of our Victorian home, to match the main roof. (The main roof is Virginia "Buckingham black slate"). The porch is constructed cathedral style of light joists with exposed tongue & groove boards and metal roofing.

The roof will not support real slate, and it is not a good choice due to icicles and snow falling from the main roof. We are sure copper would look horrible after one season of this abuse as well. (Other info: Pitch is about 3:12 and we don't want nails poking through the exposed underside of the roof.)

Of course the slaters' forums trash the rubber products, so we're looking for real experiences such as fading, curling, etc. Any advice is welcome, as well as what brands have worked well.

Re: Experiences with "rubber slate" anyone?

This may be a little late, but I'll post it for others:

I've been installing Eco-Star Majestic slate for the past ten years, Eco-Star is a synthetic slate that's made from nearly 90% recycled materials (mostly leftovers from auto industry and other manufacturing). When installed by a factory trained contractor who follows all of the rules it is absolutely the best in its class. http://www.ecostar.carlisle.com/products.html

My oldest job is a few blocks away from my house, I pass it nearly every day and it still looks flawless. The slates aren't curled and the color (midnight gray) is still just as rich as the day I put it on.

We install it with the same standards as a real slate roof, 16oz copper drip edge, 20oz copper flashings and valleys, no exposed fasteners and locked and soldered flashing joints. The problem many homeowners run into is in hiring an inexperienced contractor who builds the roof system like a shingle roof; in doing so you can wind up with what could have been a 50 year roof with flashings that will only last 10 years.

You can see our latest EcoStar majestic slate project here if you like: http://www.lyonscontracting.com/blog/eco-star-majestic-slate


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