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Experience with Monarch decking?

Does anyone have any experience with Monarch decking? Recommend screws vs fasteners, how it holds up etc?

Re: Experience with Monarch decking?

The product is horrible. Mine has plit and cracked. Thecompany denies responsibility and I am in process of litigation. Avoid at all cost. Try Timbertech. Several Monarch buyers have had the same issue in our area.

Re: Experience with Monarch decking?

I'm very VERY disappointed in our deck. Spots everywhere and is cracking where it was screwed into the beams. I was told that pollen causes the black spots, so washed it according to instructions and it was beautiful again for about 2 weeks then the spots were back. If washing a deck with toxic chemicals every two weeks is low maintenance then I guess this product qualifies.
So, if your deck is outside, don't use this product. If you happen to be building a deck in a bubble then go ahead and use it.

Re: Experience with Monarch decking?

To the person with the pending litigation: we have a small claims judgement against Monarch. We agreed to settle for product instead of money. They've stalled us on shipping the product for two months. It's very hard to get a return phone call. We are going to file an "Affidavit of Noncompliance" to get a monetary settlement.

After reading the other posts, I guess we were lucky, the problems we have are black blotches in the color, and we have to clean the mildew off each spring. We've only had our deck up one year, so I hope the boards don't split next year.

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