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jim hankinson
Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

That's a straight forward job. You might have to adjust it after replacement. I used to see quite a few that would not automatically raise the system pressure to much above 1-2 psi without adjustment. Also, while you have the presuure out of the system check the air charge in the expansion tank. It should match the cold pressure in the heating system. Normally that's 12-15 psi so set the tank charge to that and the feeder to the same.

Energy Kinetics System 2000 Hot Water Storage

Hello, we have a 1988 System 2000.
All is fine as far as I can tell.

However, the hot water storage has a leak.
So we must replace this unit.

Do you have to replace the entire System 2000 with this unit?
Or, can you just replace the water storage device?

Have there been meaningful improvement since 1988?
Is there a reason to go in another direction?
This seems like a good time to look at this item, 23 years old?

To date, the unit has been a dream for us (Vermont), and we have only replace that heat exchange brick a few times (well water, we now soften).

Thanks for any direction.

jim hankinson
Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

It's not necessary to replace the whole system, just the tank. Your plumber or heating guy can buy a tank from EK or modify a tank purchased from a local supply house or big box store. If he's not sure how to modify one he can call EK directly for info.

Many changes have been made in the system since yours was installed although the concept hasn't changed. Feed back from dealers and inspections of systems that had leaks have led to improvements in construction. They're still made in the USA, the warranty is longer and the dealer network has grown.

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

I too have had a System 2000 since 1988 and have been reasonably happy with it.
However, it has developed a small leak in the "jelly roll" water jacket which surrounds the combustion chamber.
Is it possible to replace just that component?
One person looked at it and wants to replace the complete unit, including the burner, which I have already replaced in the past, and the control board.

jim hankinson
Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

Yes, you can replace what's called the converter assembly and re-use everything else, manager, burner, piping, controls, etc. You would get the steel boiler, chamber, insulation and jacket. Have your service company call EK for further info. If they are not interested in changing it out EK can recommend someone in your area to do it. It's normally an easy job since all of the tappings are still in the same location as yours

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

hi jim - i've read several of your posts regarding the EK system 2000 and i'm wondering if you might offer me some advice - i live in northern NJ in a 2700' sq house that i bought in 2007 - the house has EK 2000 system with water tank (previous owner installed). I want to convert the house to natural gas and have been told that i can convert the burner to a gas burner (without replacing the EK 2000 system which has been good to me)- i've also read that EK 2000 is really meant "for oil" - but in my situation since i already have the system in my house i want to avoid scrapping it and buying an entire new gas boiler. How easy is the conversion and how do i find a compnay with experience doing it ? all the EK 2000 dealers seem to be oil companies around NJ. How long is the job to convert and what would you estimate the cost for conversion parts? If you were in my situation would use also go for the conversion vs. an entire new system? is it 'really true' that the EK 2000 works just as well with NG compared to oil ?

jim hankinson
Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

System 2000 is what's considered fuel neutral, meaning you can burn fuel oil, NG or LP In your case the oil burner can be replaced by a Carlin EZ-Gas burner. You can call EK directly and ask customer service to help you find a dealer to do it or if you have a reputable plumber or heating service you use they can purchase the burner directly from EK.

The swap out is straight forward and it comes with the necessary parts except for the gas piping. From what I'm told the time necessary can vary depending on how much gas piping needs to be done and whether a dedicated ground wire needs to be run to the electrical panel. One other thing to consider, and this is true regardless of the boiler make, is a chimney liner. You'll need to have a metal liner installed if you don't already have one.

Whoever you choose to do the conversion will have to price out the job because cost can vary by job.

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

thanks for the reply Jim - in terms of you being in my shoes, would you keep the existing EK 2000 and convert the burner to gas - OR buy an entire new gas boiler ?

jim hankinson
Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

If I were in your shoes I would keep the EK and have the conversion burner installed.

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000
Lowcarb wrote:

Anyone have any leads on a replacement plate heat exchanger that matches the port dimensions of the Energy Kinetics model 14U heat exchanger?

My dealer wants $500 for the replacement part.

I didn't see anyone directly address this question, and I have a similar problem - our boiler technician says the replacement plate exchanger part is $560. I called Energy Kinetics to ask them how much the part is, and they won't divulge that information to consumers, so there's seemingly no way to know how much I'm getting ripped off. I did a search ****** and found some copper plate exchangers that look similar to the one on the EK-1 and they cost between $90 - 140.

Anyone have any idea (a) how much this part really costs, and (b) where I could find a replacement part to buy and install myself?



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