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jim hankinson
Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

EK provides an excellent owner/installation manual with each system. It is code in most jurisdictions that a manual be left in plain view with any new boiler/furnace installation.

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

Good to know, that makes more sense.
The company that did my installation apparently saw fit to retain it, code or not.
I'll have to see if I can find a copy.

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

Like Mike, I'm also in interior alaska. Up here, these systems are knows as the bees knees. It's hard to find plummer or heating guy that will speak badly about them, even when they're not their product. I've finally found some good objective opinions to the contrary. Thank you. It seemed before, all I could find were contractors from AZ that had never heard of EK so they were weary of them or old school guys that didn't like them because they were nontraditional.

Mike, I sent you a PM. Thanks for any info you can help me with.

tundramike wrote:

Hey all,

Very interesting discussion on the System 2000, and I thought I'd keep it going with my own experiences with a system 2000 we had installed in Ocotober,2008. (About 1yr, 3 months ago).

First of all, I live in interior alaska, so we do rely on and use a lot of heat in the winters up here. We replaced a trusty old (25yrs?!) Burnham v-14 along with other home efficiency upgrades (new doors/triple pane windows), and we also intalled a wood stove upstairs, so fuel savings will be hard to isolate to just the new boiler. We had some problems with the old boiler over the years, mainly burner parts, and the domestic H2O coil would clog up every year (we have alot of minerals in our well water...only filter is a sediment one).

The system 2000 has worked well for us...quiet, fuel savings (From 900gal/year to around 500gal--not sure how much is due to boiler). All the benefits mentioned in previous posts.

Two negetives that were due to how it was installed:

-Took longer to get Hot Water to our faucets because they had to add a bunch of piping to get to the sys2000 hot water tank--the old storage tank was alot closer to the faucets. This might have been preventable with a better plan for positioning of the burner, or maybe putting the storage tank where the old one was instead of underneath the boiler.

-Not sure about this, but it seems like it takes longer for the baseboards to heat the house than with the old burner. Just something my wife and I thought we noticed--not sure why this would be, the H2O temps are the same w/ the sys2000. We do hear some gurgling noises now when the heat kicks on the first time in the morning, so maybe we have some air pockets.

Last week, I noticed that the domestic water pump to the hot storage tank was on constantly, because the system was calling for hot water. Yep, the exchanger clogged up w/ scale. Lasted about as long as our coil used to. Our service tech suggests getting a new heat exchanger, and having the old one cleaned out at a radiator shop--and then start switching them out--so you can clean out the dirty one off the boiler, and use the clean one. I was hoping they could put hose bibs on each side so I could isolate the heat exchanger and run vinegar through it (maybe let it sit overnight) a few times a year--like we do our tea pot. I don't know about the Scale Stopper that was mentioned earlier....I'd have to reasearch that one some more. I guess another alternative would be to get a water treatment system....i do like only having to change one yarn type filter every month though.

Overall, I'm happy with the system. We dealt with the coil problem every year anyway (I'd have to clean out with Sizzle).

We'll see how it does for the long run, right? If I have any updates, I'll try to post them. Not sure if anybody is still listening to this thread anymore, though.

Take care,

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000
Wile E Coyote wrote:

Sorry to interrupt the bickering, but I felt compelled to sign up and inject some commentary based on my first-hand experience.

I bought a System 2000 boiler with a SuperStor Ultra indirect water heater in Sept '08, and I'm completely thrilled with it. It's clean, super quiet and, compensating for degree days, uses about 45% less oil than our previous setup (1994 New Yorker steel boiler & SuperStor aquabooster). Interestingly, the old boiler measured 83% AFUE, and the new one is 85%. Go figure.

The installer I chose had installed & serviced hundreds of these boilers, some dating back to the early 1980s that were still running strong. They said these were by far the best choice for oil heat (which I'm stuck with), although they would recommend something else for natural gas. Not sure what or why.

He recommended the SuperStor Ultra water heater based on the potential clogging issue with the plate exchanger and SuperStor's non-prorated lifetime warranty. He set the tank temp at 150 degrees, added a mixing valve, and we've never run out of hot water.

As previously stated, nearly 100% of the parts are standard, off-the-shelf items, and the controller can be forced into conventional (always hot) mode by shorting two terminals with a paper clip. The pressure vessel & controller have lifetime warranties, anyway.

According to my installer, one potential problem is that technicians sometimes crack the high-tech ceramic combustion chambers trying to clean them with a brush, so just make sure the service person thoroughly understands this boiler.

I could go on forever (my neighbors are sick of hearing about this), but suffice to say I'm extremely pleased so far. I'll try to post a follow up someday if that changes.

How much was your installation? I got a quote of $13775. Seems really high. It includes a new stainless chimney liner (30 feet) and the Ek1 system w/ 40 gal tank and also a pressure reduction valve for incoming water to the house.

Im replacing a 40 yr old HB Smith with a cracked casing. He says the liner is required by code now and the pressure valve will prevent stress on my system. But $13775 is $7K more than a weil-mclain system another guy offered...

any ideas??


Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

i was told $10,000 no liner even then the liner should only be $1000
i still on the fence of getting

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000
jim hankinson wrote:

3) The plate heat exchanger has been around a lot longer than EK and they are used world wide for fast, efficient transfer of heat both for heating and cooling liquids. The vast majority of the systems they are installed with have no issue with clogging. In those cases where high mineral content in the domestic water is present it's simple to treat the water to prevent scale buildup.

Anyone have any leads on a replacement plate heat exchanger that matches the port dimensions of the Energy Kinetics model 14U heat exchanger?

My dealer wants $500 for the replacement part.

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

I have a brand system 2000 plate exchanger if interested just send me a message and Ill let it go for cheap.

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

I have a 10 year old system 2000 that I have been very happy with,
but recently it has been operating at 35 psi and the 30 psi relief valve has been putting out increasing amounts of boiler water. Any
clues as to what might be wrong?

jim hankinson
Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

First step, which you've probably already done, is to shut off the boiler feed to be sure it's not the auto feeder. Assuming that's not the problem, you've got internal leakage between the plates in the plate heat exchanger.

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

Thanks,Jim. You seem to be working as hard in retirement as when
you worked full time. After figuring out that the auto feed was
also the water pressure valve(doh!), I shut it off and released the
pressure in the boiler using the relief valve. Now operating at
20psi. The old valve was a conbraco 35-503, and I see replacements
for it labeled 35-503-01 for $66. It looks like a pretty straightforward replacement job;anything I should be wary of?


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