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Wile E Coyote
Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

Just looking at this site years after my first post - sorry if this is irrelevant at this point.

My cost was $8600 for the EK-1 and a 45-gallon SuperStor Ultra indirect water heater. My contractor said it was more reliable and had a better warranty than the plate heat exchanger and tank from EK. They used my existing chimney and said the SS liner was not necessary. I suspect the liner is quite expensive, whereas the pressure reducer is only about $150.

I'm extremely satisfied and will post a more detailed update somewhere on this thread, when I figure that out.

sativa36 wrote:

How much was your installation? I got a quote of $13775. Seems really high. It includes a new stainless chimney liner (30 feet) and the Ek1 system w/ 40 gal tank and also a pressure reduction valve for incoming water to the house.

Im replacing a 40 yr old HB Smith with a cracked casing. He says the liner is required by code now and the pressure valve will prevent stress on my system. But $13775 is $7K more than a weil-mclain system another guy offered...

any ideas??


Wile E Coyote
Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

Okay, here is my long (and long overdue) follow up. My apologies to anyone who has been anxiously awaiting this for the last few years. :rolleyes:

It's been over 5 years since installing the System 2000 boiler & SuperStor Ultra indirect water heater, and I LOVE IT. Our average annual oil usage since 9/2008 is 390 gallons!!! The average for the 8 prior years was 640, so roughly 40% savings without factoring degree-days (and that's with the t-stats set slightly warmer than we used to).

The system has been 100% reliable, tuned up annually and using Hot 4-in-1 fuel additive. We get plenty of hot water, enough to have both showers going with the dishwasher and washing machine running. No problem keeping up with space heating in our 1800sf house, with a .75 GPH nozzle (90,000 BTU) installed in the burner. A bigger nozzle adds more BTUs if needed.

The outside combustion air intake is fantastic. It makes for super quiet operation, minimizes cold air infiltration and just seems safer overall.

So far, I've talked 8 neighbors and friends into buying the same system, and we are all thrilled except for one person who had a few water quality related issues but prefers to blame the S2k. Six other neighbors who went with Buderus, Weil-McLain and Burnham (2 of each, interestingly) refuse to divulge any information related to oil savings, which tells me they aren't saving much, if anything.

During a couple of major power outages, I plugged my little Honda generator into the outlet on the side of the boiler control and had heat & hot water the entire time. Pretty handy.

Unrelated to the boiler, our incoming water pressure reducer failed at one point, which caused the water heater relief valve to dump some water on the floor, but that was quickly rectified by replacing the pressure valve and adding an expansion tank to the cold water line just in case. Something everyone should probably keep an eye on. The first symptom was loud banging pipes (water hammer).

Personally, I think the installer makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE with these things. It is a bit more "high-tech" than the average boiler, so the person servicing it should be factory trained before even touching one. I also think water quality can have a big effect on heating systems in general, and I'm considering a whole house filter or water softener to minimize wear & tear on everything.

Well worth the investment, as far as I'm concerned, since it has more than paid for its price premium over cheaper units and is close to completely paying for itself. Let's see any other boiler do that!

I hope this helps anyone on the fence, like I was. Do your own research, call and speak with the engineers at EK, like I did. They were very helpful in answering my technical questions and pointing me to the best installers in my area. Good luck! Oh, and I subscribed to the thread this time, so I might reply sooner than 4 years if anyone has questions. :o

Paul Sc
Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

Does anyone have a reference for a good System 2000 repair/service company in the Coastal NH, Southern Maine area?
I am purchasing a home that has a System 2000 that needs repair and wanted to hire someone familiar with its operation.

jim hankinson
Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

Call Energy Kinetics Customer Service. They'll make some recommendations for a dealer in your area

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

Paul Sc,

My 27 year old Burnham is leaking. I found this thread after Poole's Burner Service (Raymond, NH) recomended System 2000 as the replacement. He says hes factory trained and has lots of experience with the brand. I dont have a ton of history with them, but the few times Ive needed them they were punctual and professional. Hope this helps.


Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

How do you like the EK System 2000?

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

Jim, may I call you about the System 2000? Or , if you prefer, you can email me here. Just had a few questions about the system, and what you think of the Resolute.

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

How do you like the System 2000? Is it still performing well for you? May I call and ask you about it please?

Re: Experience With Energy Kinetics System 2000

And I am curious if it has eaten up your old clay liner yet. We typically put lines on system 2ks 2 to 3 years after their install because the extra condensation from them has at that point destroyed the clay and is starting o work on the masonry. They really need a properly sized liner to work right long term.


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