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Existing Exterior wall insulation

My house is in Atlanta, Ga and I have an exterior wall in bad need of insulation. The home is from the 1950's and is brick, so adding insulation from the outside is not really possible. I want to add blow in insulation, but I have a question about installation. Normally you would cut holes in the top of the wall void and the bottom and add insulation that way, then patch and repaint. I went into the attic and I can see the top of the stud from from the attic after moving the insulation around (there is blown in insulation up there too.) The external wall has no electrical wiring and no piping. My questions is can I instead of drilling holes in the walls and adding insulation, is go into the attic and drill holes in that way and add the insulation down into each of the voids that way, then close the holes and recover with insulation. I have no idea if this will work or not, just trying to save myself the aggravation of patching walls and repainting. The studs themselves are not load bearing or anything, they are just there to attach the sheetrock to. I am not sure why they did not add insulation to these walls then they remodeled the house (before I bought it), the rest of the exterior wall were done with insulation. Thanks

Re: Existing Exterior wall insulation

Exterior insulation and finish systems are typically composed of either adhesively or mechanically attached foam insulation board, a base coat, reinforcing mesh and an outer finish. Available in many colors and varied textures, the outsulation can be made to mimic the traditional stucco as well. The expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation used in outsulation products is very flexible and convenient for shaping and sculpting.

This makes the concept architecturally appealing to builders and building owners alike.
Additionally, the pricing is attractive for this type of designing.
The creative freedom offered with outsulation systems makes it an easy decision to use it on varied surfaces.

Re: Existing Exterior wall insulation

If it is an exterior wall, then it IS likely load bearing. Either way, I wouldn't cut the plates. Just cut the drywall. When you cut the hole cut it on an angle if you can (like you would a pumpkin top) so when you put the piece back in it won't fall into the wall ;)

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