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exhaust fan belt

I have an exhaust fan over the outside grill area. It is an electric motor using a fan belt. The problem is that the belt is bad and keeps on slipping down. How do I take the belt off to get a new one put on ? Any suggestions will really help me. Diane ( hiphopgranny )

Re: exhaust fan belt

Changing most belts is relitively simple. First make sure you turn off the power, then take off any guards that may be around the belt, depending on what kind you have,if it is like an exhaust fan for a resturant it would have a removable cover on top and the belt could be small, and the smaller the belt the harder to get it off. But if you pull up on belt and push belt towards the larger of the two pulleys it should come off of there but be careful not to pinch yourself, and you can get the belt at any home supply store, and if not, go to any HVAC company and they can get one for you.

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