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Evolving focus of the magazine - not in my direction

I have subscribed to the magazine for a number of years, certainly well over 10 years, maybe closer to 20. When I first subscribed, it was full of home repair, upgrades, & renovation building techniques. The TV show still does that VERY well. The magazine has slowly evolved into more of a 'house beautiful' magazine, rather than maintenance & construction how-to & techniques for older houses. The magazine has very little of the TV show content anymore. While the 'house beautiful' articles are surly pleasing to many people, I like the content of the TV show much more. I renewed my subscription recently, but this will probably be my last renewal, unless I see more technical 'TV show' content. Just thought you might want to know.

A. Spruce
Re: Evolving focus of the magazine - not in my direction

All things change to align with where the money and viewership (aka money ) is, TOH is no different. At its inception, the TOH program was about DIY repairs and maintenance of, you guessed it, YOUR OLD HOUSE. Bob Vila can be credited with moving the focus away from DIY to contractor based work. As the years march forward, the show has increasingly focused on not only contractor based work, but very high dollar renovations, the likes that few can really afford. Still, the core hosts of the show do a good job of conveying what quality work is, what to look for in contractors and materials, etc.

The magazine is little more than an extension of the show, purveying what is fad and "hot", in as few words as possible so as to keep plenty of space for the paid advertising. I agree that the magazine is of little value. Heck, a few years ago I was asked to do a review of a leaf blower. I spent a lot of time to really give an insightful review of the product, which was literally cut and quoted to 10 words or less when it went to publishing, utterly useless for anyone looking for information on the product.

Suffice it to say, you will be hard pressed to find a print magazine with any useful information. The last decent TV show I watched was Home Time, where DIY work was still the focus of the show. That is not to say that they didn't use contractors, but they at least told you why a contractor was being used and what to watch out for when hiring a contractor. I will still watch TOH on occasion, but it's an entertainment show, not something used for information.

Re: Evolving focus of the magazine - not in my direction

Things do change as Spruce says, and we don't have a way to control them.

Mags have a hard time surviving and some will do whatever they can to stay in circulation. Can't blame them.

Re: Evolving focus of the magazine - not in my direction

When the show got into the grand - multi million dollar renovations far beyond the reach of the average viewer- I stopped watching.

Never read the magazine 'cept in line at the HD cash register

Re: Evolving focus of the magazine - not in my direction

I think the show made a turn for the worse when Steve Thomas took over as host. He was kind of a yuppie. Suddenly we were touring vineyards, etc.

As far as magazines, I sbscribe to Handyman and Fine Homebuilding. Handyman is more toward the DYI'er. Homebuildng is more for the contractor, but i find the articles informative on new construction techniques and materials.

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