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Every inch of our home's floors squeak

I could cry -my husband wanted to move closer to the city so I gave up our new home for an 83 year old 4 Square home. I only saw it for 15 minutes in the dark as I was 9 months pregnant and we put an offer in. There are too many problems to even list here, but one that is concerning me is that every floor board (just about) squeaks. I am ready to go out of my mind in this home and am very concerned that we bought a lemon. This was not a cheap home by any means either -was $70K more than the new home we had out in the suburbs.

I'm guessing older homes have some squeaky floors, but this is ridiculous. I feel like I'm walking in an old ship. Plus our upstairs hallway is caving in and one of the floor boards is cracked and not in good shape.

I can't have nails drilled through anything but was wondering if putting new hardwood flooring in on top of the existing floors would help? We carpeted our bedroom and put in a high quality pad, but the squeaking is still there.

Is this normal? Will I have problems selling the home "as is"? Fortunately we are in a very good area of Pittsburgh (not the city) where all the homes are old but it is a highly desirable place....

Thank you

Timothy Miller
Re: Every inch of our home's floors squeak

Every inch ... That's a whole lot of noise. Consider obtaining some bids and insight from local contractors.

Re: Every inch of our home's floors squeak

Nothing you can do but enjoy the fact that no burglars will try and sneak thoough your house at night. lol

A. Spruce
Re: Every inch of our home's floors squeak

Question, does the house have hardwood floors throughout? The old style flooring in homes of that era were strips of wood that were face nailed and these had the nasty habit of doing nothing but squeak. If this is the case, then removing this hardwood layer would go a very long ways towards quieting the floor. Moreover, you would have access to the subfloor to install screws or ring shank nails to stop any squeaks there. Once you get the subfloor stable, you can then install new hardwood or carpet with little to no squeaking when you're done.

If you do have the old style hardwood, take care in its removal, as it will likely have some resale value.

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