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ever heard of Cavaliere range hoods?

I'm planning a kitchen remodel and we have (and will continue to have) a range in a peninsula that will require an 'island mount' range hood.
I've started shopping and these babies are pricey!
I found a website (http://rangehoodsinc.com/index.asp) where the brand Cavaliere is sold. Needless to say, I've never heard of that brand, but the pricing is VERY attractive. I'm a big believer in "you get what you pay for", but I thought I would post a question here and see if anyone has any experience with this brand.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: ever heard of Cavaliere range hoods?

I am a Certified Kitchen Designer and I had not heard of Cavaliere range hoods until this moment.
The prices certainly LOOK attractive.
But I wouldn't buy one without putting a hand on it to see what gauge of metal they are made of.
If you take a look at the installation instructions for the Cavaliere 198F 36" Wall Mount Range Hood, http://rangehoodsinc.com/install-island.pdf
You should note that the chimney has an erector set-like framework that the stainless steel sheetwork is mounted on top of.
That is not typical of the hoods I usually work with.
They use a gauge of steel that is thick enough that the hood doesn't need such a support structure.
Thinner gauge steel is more likely to vibrate and create noise after installation.
Ask this comapny what gauge steel Cavaliere uses?
Then compare to better known makers.
Where are they made?
Are they UL approved?
Are they approved by your state?
Some states, like California, have their own approval process.
This could very well be a "buyer beware" situation.
You don't want to spend anything on a cheap hood if you would have to replace it in short order.

Re: ever heard of Cavaliere range hoods?

THanks very much for the reply.
I did email this company with some fundamental questions such as you suggest, but never received a reply. I may call their 800 number.

I never gave the potential thinness of the sheet metal or the substructure a thought, but your point is very well taken.
So for example a Frigidaire PL36PC50EC (http://www.frigidaire.com/products/cooking/range_hoods/overhead/prod_PL36PC50EC.asp) that I can purchase locally for just under $1300 is probably a better way to go?
I took a look at the .PDF for installation and it appears to have a sheet metal support frame surrounded by a SS exterior skin.

Re: ever heard of Cavaliere range hoods?

Now you're cookin'.
There are lots of issues around range hoods.
Sheet metal gauge is only one of them.
You need lights in a hood.
You also want a fan that is quiet enough under no load (disconnected from the vent pipe) that you can barely tell it's on. Beyond that, proper installation will ensure it is quiet enough that you will USE the darn thing.
The fan should be strong enough (in CFMs) to do the job with the cooktop you have selected.
The interior and exterior surfaces should be smooth and very cleanable with no sharp protrusions to cut you.
Cleaning filters and grease traps should be easy, so you actually DO it often.
Beyond those criteria, look for a fan that cuts off flame at the fan instead of pulling flame from a fire on the cooking surface into the vent pipe (squirrel cage fans do this).
The hood should be oversized for an island installation. 42" for a 36" cooktop is typical. It should also be at least 27" front to back.
I have discussed hood installation and venting at length on my Appliance Notes blog at:


Re: ever heard of Cavaliere range hoods?

Thanks again for the reply. So if our design includes a 30" slide in range it's appropriate that the hood be 36"? You mentioned that the hood should be 27" deep. This model is only 19 5/8" deep. Would that concern you? Could I make up for the lack of depth by installing it at the minimum recommended height?
Given my initial comment about getting what one pays for, I think I've already made the jump in my head from something that's bargain basement (that I probably wouldn't be happy with) to something that although more expensive would be a better investment. I'd rather not add another $500 to the budget if I *really* don't have to, but I would if I'm still 'not there'.

Re: ever heard of Cavaliere range hoods?

If you read the article on my blog you would know that the spread in an UNDISTURBED column of grease and steam off a pan on the stove is 3" in 30". In an island situation there are cross drafts to consider as well. Just having the front door and a window open can create a draft across and island, pulling steam away from the hood.
The thing is, only a canopy can contain the steam until the fan exhausts it out of the house.
If the canopy you choose does not cover the cooking surface, there is no way to recapture the heated steam, because it rises to the ceiling.
Moving the hood closer to the cooking surface will capture more, but you are still going to lose a lot with that puny depth.
An island hood should NOT BE less than 27" deep unless you are using a linear cooktop (burners in a single row).
If you have attic space above the kitchen, then putting a larger vent hood recessed into the ceiling is another viable altenative that can cost considerably less than a fancy hood.
Look at
for an example of how this looks (the hood is toward the end of a slide show on the remodel of Noel & Barbara Commins' kitchen in 2006).
It is an old concept brought into the 21st Century.
Many old Victorian homes in San Francisco had convective skylights placed over the old range in the kitchen.
The opening needs to be framed off with double joists like a stairway.
Noel, who is a contractor, then mounted a Best hood insert in the opening. It even has a remote control!
I've been meaning to blog on this...Noel sent me all the details on the installation. Need to get to it...

I have created a post on my blog about the ceiling hood with photograph and installation details. It can be found at:


Re: ever heard of Cavaliere range hoods?

I also am interested on a cavaliere hood
In regard to the thickness of the Stainless Steel it seems to be Industry Highest quality #304 Stainless Steel 19 gauge.
Compared with what the other hoods offer this seems to be the best.
I will contact them for more info and cost for delivery
to Canada.

Re: ever heard of Cavaliere range hoods?

Need some help. Looking at Cavaliere kitchen fans, Can't find where the companies out of. Also does anyone know if there"s a showroom in Massachusetts. Sorry one Q's. Does anyone have this make in their home and if so how is it? Thank you


Re: ever heard of Cavaliere range hoods?

There are about 25 reviews posted on overstock.com. This might help you out...


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