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evening out an uneven floor


Hopefully this isn't a silly question :p

My fiance and I are thinking of buying a house that has VERY uneven floors. We are planning on installing Pergo floors (basically everywhere except the bedrooms and bathrooms) and we'd like to even them out first. We saw some instructions here.

So in the instructions, it says to pour all this stuff on the floor which it seems like it would make it at least a few inches higher. However, there is a fireplace between the kitchen and the family room, and the bottom of it is level with the floor! Similar to this fireplace...

So what we were wondering is, when we pour this stuff all over the floor, (1) it seems like it will leak into the fireplace - is that okay? are we supposed to do something to prevent it? will it look weird? (2) what would professionals do in this situation? (3) also, what will happen in the doorways? Will the doors not close anymore because now the floor is a few inches higher? I'm confused! :confused:

Thank you so much in advance for your advice! :)


Re: evening out an uneven floor

Do you know what makes those floors so uneven?

Have you all had a whole house inspector there yet? ... and did he or she say anything about them?

You might want to seriously consider a structural engineer - and listen very carefully to their report and recommendations.

Re: evening out an uneven floor

We're going to have an inspector check it out first. If it's not a huge deal, then we'll still get the house.

But also affecting our decision to buy the house or not is whether it is possible to use the self-leveling cement stuff. Specifically, what would happen around the fireplace and bedrooms doors? Thanks.

Re: evening out an uneven floor

Sorry, I don't know anything about the self-leveling stuff... I'm sure someone here will know and can help, though.
Good luck.

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