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Even more furnace help? York Affinity....

Hello-I guess I'm another in a growing line of folks who are finding out on a chilly day their furnace is bum.

I have a York Affinity 9T gas furnace and it worked a couple of weeks ago but today it isn't turning on. It is making a very low buzzing noise as though it wants to work but isn't quite there. I searched the Internet but there doesn't seem to be any DIY-info for this model and York, of course, doesn't have any user guide on it's website. And our owner's manual is nowhere to be found.....

Does anyone have this or a similar model and can you tell me what 3 flashes of red might mean?

Re: Even more furnace help? York Affinity....

I don't have this furnace, in fact I have a boiler. But anyway last winter I was having problems with mine it would light sometimes and other times it would not. It was a Munchkin brand. But anyway it was a bad flame sensor which turned out to be a $2 part. It could be something like that but I don't know to much about furnaces so its just a guess.

Re: Even more furnace help? York Affinity....

You might consider calling in a service tech to troubleshoot and service the furnace.
Unfortunately there could be number of things causing the problem .... as for the buzzing sound it could be a 24 volt transformer humming.

Re: Even more furnace help? York Affinity....

Just a guess from here, but......your furnace likely has Honeywell controls on it. Look for an identifying model number on the main gas valve and then search for a manual for that particular control unit. If you can find it, it will hopefully tell you what three red flashes mean for that unit.

If it's perhaps a Robert Shaw unit (or other) instead, try a search for that manual.

Best I can do from here.

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