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Ethernet Phone Video Stringing Trick for Staple-Gum Haters

Before there was staple-gums and wire-ties,

There was only 3/4" Plastic Staples (with the two tiny-nails) and String.
First you hammered a Plastic-Staple into your Stud, then you looped a piece of String
through it and snugged-up your Ethernet/Phone/Video-Cable.

And I just do not like Staple-Gums, so since I only do one small home-brew job a year,
I just have a cashew/peanuts can full of plastic-staples, and they really are NOT that much of a pain.

Mind you, I'm always on my back in a Crawlspace under a House doing this.

The Plastic-Staple has two skinny Nails on the right and left sides.
I take one Nail out, and put it between my Lips in my mouth.
Then I halfway hammer the other Nail with the Plastic-Staple to the Stud.
Then I d**** my Cable across the Plastic-Staple. Its easy because the Plastic swivels.
Then I take the other Nail out of my mouth and hammer it in all the way.
Then I finish hammering-in the first Nail.

I first used a plastic-staple last September and I kept trying to figure out how
not to bash my fingers with the hammer while holding the plastic-piece up over my
face while on my back, and hitting the nail square without bending the nail.

So today I figured it out, and I quickly did 70 feet of ethernet-cable
across a dark muddy crawlspace, under a house on my frickn' back.
(& yes, I strung 4 lines across at once, so I never never have to do that stretch again.)

I know, I could have bought a nice Staple-Gum but it would probably jam a dozen
times before I got the knack of it, and the old Spring-Staple-Gums take a whole lot of
force up against the Stud, and then a Big God-Almighty SQUEEZE on the handle.
All while on my back, then you still have to strap a Wire-Tie around the Ethernet-Cable anyway.

Gums are just Too Much Monkey Business:
The master will be missed.

To all of You: Ronderful Wenovating

Re: Ethernet Phone Video Stringing Trick for Staple-Gum Haters

Ethernet utilizes a star topology in which the individual hubs (gadgets) are coordinates with each other through dynamic systems administration gear, for example, switches. The quantity of organized gadgets in a LAN can go from two to a few thousand for More info.

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