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Essex/Cambridge 2012 Blogs

I have noticed on this website that two This Old House projects are in the works at the same time and both by Tom Silva. However the blogs have not been mentioned at all and I think the owners of these houses really want to blog as they know people are interested in their houses. However no mention of the blogs at all so of course no incentive really for the families to even want to contribute. Also fans of the show myself included really like to encourage the families and give advice where we think it will help. The blogs though are helpful in other ways though too and that is when the webcams are down which happens fairly frequently at times and when the archives are not updated which also is really frequent this year. The pictures the family and staff send in to the blog really help the fans of the show get a good picture of what is happening and inspire us to do our own projects too. So I hope you guys taking care of the web page see this and start promoting the blogs as not doing so isn't fair to the families and isn't fair to the fans either. If the families can't blog for one reason or the other that certainly is understandable. But to have a blog and not promote isn't.

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