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Epoxy on Window Sills

I recently saw an episode of Ask this old House where they removed old wood from a window sill and then filled it with epoxy, sanded and painted it.

During the show it looked like a Hilti double tube applicator was used that mixes on discharge. I would like to know what type of epoxy (manufacture) was used?

I wish more handy-man shows would post the models of equipment and/or materials are used for easier reference.


Vancouver, Canada

Re: Epoxy on Window Sills
Re: Epoxy on Window Sills

I've purchased from Abatron, Inc. several times. Usually I don't waste it on clapboards, but it works well for saving intricate carvings, window sash elements, large members that have some rot. The Liquid Wood soaks in and hardens rotten/termite-eaten wood, and to fill missing pieces, it combines well with the Abatron putty (I forget what it's called). Early mistakes were my handyman left fingerprints in the putty, thinking he would sand it out later. It wasn't easy. It's better to shape the putty, then before it hardens brush the area with a paintbrush full of Liquid Wood to smooth it out. Our neighbors repaired the rotten base of a large 20-foot column all in one day, rather than gradually or with some support, and the whole thing sort of drooped as it hardened. It looked like melted cake frosting or something for a few months until they redid it. Now you could never tell it wasn't the original wood.

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