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Entry Door Sagging or Tilting

I have a garage entry door to the house. The door is solid wood. We have three hinges on the door. Lately it appears that the door is no longer square in the frame. I checked level and plumb of the frame (jamb) and they seem ok. I checked the tightness of the hinge screws, they seem ok.

At the top hinge, there is a small series of cracks that do move when I lift on the door. The cracks are in the area between the jamb and trim (?). Facing the door with the hinges on the left, the lock side has a 1/4 inch space at the bottom and a sliver of space at the top. The space at the top on the hinge side is 1/4 inch, lock side is 3/8 inch.

When I look at the door it is not square or level to the frame. How do I fix this? I don't want to adjust the lower hinge or put big screws around the upper hinge unless it is the correct fix.


Re: Entry Door Sagging or Tilting


Sure sounds like the upper hinge screws are only long enough to penetrate the jamb.....and that hasn't been enough. Rarely is unless maybe the door is a hollow-core.

What you really need is screws in the top hinge that are long enough to reach into the stud behind the jamb. Two screws like that will likely be enough unless this is an extremely heavy door.

Don't use drywall screws for this as they are too thin and brittle. If you have some 2 1/2" decking screws or similar around, try one. If possible, have someone lift up on the doorknob a bit while you replace the top screw. You may need to drill thru the jamb (only!!!) with a bit just large enough to allow the screw shank to pass thru freely. Then drive the longer screw and see if it secures well into the stud behind. If it doesn't, you probably need a longer screw. To determine how long, stick a piece of wire or similar thru the screw hole until it strikes the stud...and measure how deep it went in. Add at least one inch.

If no one is there to help you, you can prop under the door with some shims to help carry the weight while you do the screw replacing.

Re: Entry Door Sagging or Tilting

The longer screws are the way I'd do it. You want to make sure you take the load off the jamb while you're putting in the new screws. I'd just take the door off the hinges to get all the weight off the hinge.

The fact that you're seeing movement between the jamb and the trim is a sure indicator that the jamb is moving, therefore the 1/8" difference between top and bottom.

Good Luck.

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