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Entrance lower than patio/deck?

We enclosed a former carport to make a "garden room" with walls lined with windows that look out onto our garden. On the end of the room where the doors are, we step out into a shade garden under our large live oak tree. The slab level is the same as the ground outside (to previously let a car drive out). The ground under the tree has become very unlevel and lined with roots over the years. I would like to make a patio or deck around/under the tree, but am concerned that the level of the deck/patio would be higher than the slab of the former carport, now garden room. Has anyone ever tried making a patio/deck higher than the entrance way? Or any suggestions on how to approach this idea?

Re: Entrance lower than patio/deck?

With no pictures to see what you have, it's actually very difficult to offer a suggestion, but...

I would try to avoid a situation like this for a few reasons, such as: safety, convenience, drainage, looks and others.
Is there a way to re-grade the area lower than the slab?

Re: Entrance lower than patio/deck?

Unfortunately regrading doesn't look like an option. We are having some tree work done and the contractor thinks adding/removing much from around the tree would definitely threaten it's existence. We do already have a drainage problem with heavy rains and I was concerned with a step-down from the deck safety problem too. Thanks for your input.

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