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Ensuring Electrical Safety in Your Home

It is always emphasized that your home's electric system will be done only by licensed electricians. This is to uphold safety as they are most knowledgeable about this matter. This way, they can make sure that your home follows every electric safety standards or codes and help you install safety products such as a ground fault circuit.

A ground fault circuit or fault circuit interrupter (GCFI) ensures maximum safety. It is most appropriately installed in areas that area moist such as kitchens and bathroom. This product constantly monitors flow of electricity in a circuit. If there are any interruptions or diversions from normal registers, it will automatically shut down the electric flow.

Installing a GCFI is the most basic and essential component of ensuring safety that should be done by a licensed electrician. However there are some simple precautions that homeowners should observe or can do by themselves. Here are some tips to ensure safety

- Do not use electrical appliances in wet places. If you really have to, use a GCFI outlet for the said device.
- Make sure you use appropriate outlets and wattages in bulbs and light fixtures. Always check the product specifications.
- Remove electric cords from sockets by pulling the plug. Do not just pull or tug on an appliance cord because it can lead to fraying of the cable.
- Always check for frayed wires and cords. This can cause electrical shock and even can start fire. Always remove and replace frayed wires and avoid using appliances that has frayed cables.

Never plug in too may appliances at the same time especially on the same socket. This can cause overload and eventually may end up in a fire. Always remove appliances from sockets if not in use and most importantly if no one's at home. This is to conserve energy and most importantly to avoid electrical issues that can cause untoward incidents.

By adhering to these easy tips you can be certain about your home and family's safety.

Re: Ensuring Electrical Safety in Your Home

I agree with most of what Brian said but simply plugging a cord into a receptacle doesn't draw any electricity, unless the appliance is turned on.

And if you have enough receptacles to keep things plugged in when they're not being used you save wear and tear on the receptacle and the receptacle cap (plug).

I've always left dozens of things plugged in, especially near my computers and workshop.

Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon, thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

Re: Ensuring Electrical Safety in Your Home

Methinks Bryan is a spammer. The link to the spam site is in the signature block.

Re: Ensuring Electrical Safety in Your Home
Fencepost wrote:

Methinks Bryan is a spammer. The link to the spam site is in the signature block.

You got it. They send one valid post to get on, then ten spams. TOH has the worst spam filter of all the forums I belong to. I guess they just don't know it.

Re: Ensuring Electrical Safety in Your Home

Definitely a spammer and I disagree with this post. You do not need to be a licensed electrician to do electrical work in your home. You do need to have a good understanding of safety procedures and understand code requirements.

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