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Enhance/Add red to a cherry finish on furniture?

Hi all!

My first post in TOH! I just purchased baby furniture via the internet through JC Penny's, so I had to take a leap of faith on the color. The color is listed as "Cherry", which I now know has quite a range of tones! I am wishing that the finish had a bit more red to it.

I certainly don't dislike it enough to send it back or do anything drastic, but I was curious if there was some sort of polish that might be particularly good at bringing out red tones. So far I found something called Fiddles Supreme Wax Polish in cherry. Thought I'd ask all of you before I try anything.

Thanks for any tips you can offer!

Tacoma John
Re: Enhance/Add red to a cherry finish on furniture?

Sorry, the crib is covered with a tough finish. This is to protect it from anything and everything a baby does in a crib. Short of doing something drastic like sanding and staining, nothing will take hold.

Re: Enhance/Add red to a cherry finish on furniture?


Minwax does have a product called PolyShades which may be put over existing finishes. This is basically Urethane varnish with color suspended in it. There is a color called Cherry. If not red enough, small amounts of the redder colors, such as Bombay Mahogany, can be added to it.

If you go this route, try testing it first for adhesion in an inconspicuous spot. Let it dry for 24hours and see if you can scratch it off with your finger nail. If it does not adhere well, you can first spray the old finish with Zinssers clear shellac in spray cans. This is a de-waxed shellac that will stick to almost anything and almost anything will then stick to it. It acts as a bond coat.

If you have spray equipment, spraying would give by far the best finish. However, it can be brushed with a good natural bristle brush.

Remember, the new color is only on the surface. Should something scratch the surface, the original color underneath will then be visible. Otherwise, it is a fairly durable product.

Re: Enhance/Add red to a cherry finish on furniture?

Polyshades gonna have tough time adhering to new crib finish. Baby starts teething, watch for dark red lips!

Re: Enhance/Add red to a cherry finish on furniture?

Good point Sombreuil!

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