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Energy Kinetics System 2000 - Yes or No?

We have a 1100 sq. ft. recently totalled remodelled cottage with all new systems except heating. Our current 30-35 year old oil fired hot water boiler is 80% efficient and we would not obtain significantly better efficiency by replacing it - according to review by 4 different heating/plumbing companies we had in for consultation/estimates on other systems. Current unit works great with no problems, heat in house is excellent and oil consumption seems reasonable to us. Energy review a month ago reported the same and yielded no additional ways to be more energy efficient in the house.

The issue: a friend has offered us an Energy Kinetics System 2000 3 zone (oil) that had been given to him by friend replacing that system because they wanted to switch to hot air/ac system. (No problems reported.)

We have read the posts on this type of system and it seems they are reported to be either very satisfactory or not satisfactory.

We do not need to install a new furnace now, but hate to pass up this furnace without more consideration.

Can we have your opinions? If we should have the unit installed, what would be an approximate installation cost to anticipate from the Energy Kinetics dealer?

Thank you very much.

Re: Energy Kinetics System 2000 - Yes or No?
jim hankinson
Re: Energy Kinetics System 2000 - Yes or No?

Yes, definitely. Cost to install can vary depending on the amount of time and materials to reconnect to the existing radiation and what might have to be done to bring everything up to code.

Re: Energy Kinetics System 2000 - Yes or No?

To the OP:

Personally, I vote no with the way you described the situation. A bit of knowledge that I picked up sailing was...if its not broken...don't fix it. Granted, you are looking at a pretty sweet upgrade, but I have found that when you have a system that is working great and upgrade it to work "better" , you are inviting yourself to a world of hurt. Goes with anything, not just this particular situation.

Personally, if you are a tinkerer and not adverse to solving boiler problems, I would vote yes. I would love a neato system like it. I was considering myself, but yeah, its a pretty hefty price tag if you buy it new. But a freebie? Holy smokes man, that rocks.

Goodluck with your decision - its a toughie.


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