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Energy efficient house and shop...

Been looking to build a new house and shop combination and have decided I want to build a house and shop combination together. Original plan was to have a morton type building built so could put an 2000 sq foot house in one end and shop / garage in the other. Have read lots of pros and cons on steel vs wood for the outside structure. Then I ran across a company called Eagle Rigid Span buildings out of North Dakota wesite is www.EagleRigidSpan.com. Anyone have any experience with this company good or bad. Seems like the best of both worlds. Should be able to build a tight energy efficient house and not have to deal with a noisy metal roof. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

Re: Energy efficient house and shop...

When building a home you need to think selling...down the line. That's why you want to build something that complies with your area, something that your average buyer might be interested in buying.

You know better than us what style homes are in your area. Personally, I prefer a wood structure, but EagleRidgeSpan looks too much like a storage/car port/light industrial kind of structure. If it fits your style, hey, go for it.

Re: Energy efficient house and shop...

Well I don't know about this company but you should check public reviews about this site and then take step accordingly.

Re: Energy efficient house and shop...

In may places, you can't have a shop in the same building as a home (or vice-versa) without separating the two with a continuous firewall extending a set distance past and above the structure- essentially cutting it in two. Even where it's legal it's not always smart. If money is the concern, then build a nice shop and pull a trailer on site to live in while you build your house. One can survive well in a dinghy house but one absolutely needs a nice shop :cool:


Re: Energy efficient house and shop...

I don't know the company either. Better sit back and take your time reading about that company. There are a lot of reviews out there waiting to be viewed and read. If it is your last resort of a company then go for it.

Re: Energy efficient house and shop...

Also check your local building codes and see if you can get ideas from them on what you are thinking of doing .YYep most states make you build a fire wall .Plus not sure where you are but slab houses are cold and damp if you do not insulate the slab or run heat under there also .I did not plan on ever using my basement for anything but storage but still insulated the slab and had the plumber run pipes for extra plumbing fixtures .Always look at a house as an investment because you never know what your future will bring and resale on it .

Re: Energy efficient house and shop...

You have much to consider when designing and building a new energy-efficient

house, and it can be a challenge. However, recent technological improvements in

building elements and construction techniques also allow most modern energysaving

ideas to be seamlessly integrated into house designs while improving comfort, health, or aesthetics. And even though some energy-efficient features are expensive, there are others that many home buyers can afford.


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