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Enclosed stairs -repair of treads

I have an enclosed staircase with 5 treads that have split in the middle where the seam is. The first time, I used a mix of sawdust and wood glue, sanded, stained and polyed. There have again split. I saw where dowels were used with a split near the edged but these splits are in the center. Recommendations?

Re: Enclosed stairs -repair of treads

Other than replacing the treads, using epoxy mixed with saw dust may secure the wood together. Regular wood glue doesn't have much strength when used as a gap filler. Getting the epoxy to stain the same as the wood would be a problem.
One piece treads should have been used if left exposed. Carpeting the stairs would hide the crack.

Re: Enclosed stairs -repair of treads

You might want to consider glue and pocket hole screws. Take a look at Kreggtool pocket hole tools and pocket plugs. Or read about pocket hole joinery here http://www.rockler.com/how-to/pocket-hole-joinery-kreg-jig/ and there are plenty of videos on line about pocket hole joinery and pocket hole plugs.


Re: Enclosed stairs -repair of treads

If the treads are contained by skirtboards on both sides, just replace the treads. The removed ones will give you a perfect pattern for each one. Treads supporting balusters will take a lot more work to replace since those and the handrails will have to be removed first.

I would choose replacement instead of repair because if some treads have lost the original glue-bond the others will soon follow and to properly re-glue what you have would require removal for clamping anyway. Any screwed or dowelled repair which can be done in-situ will leave visible plugging which will not look very good unless you're an expert at making them hide well. Were these not enclosed, invisible repairs could be made from underneath where pocket screws would be my fastener choice.


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