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emergency heat light

I am trying to find a light with a thermostat. It clamps on to a railing ect. When the heat in the home drops below the set temp. the red light goes on to alert the neighbors. I don't know what it is called, and have been unable to find one on-line.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: emergency heat light

temperature alarms

newer high tech ones now interface with telephone dialers or text pagers but you can still find those that work with either an audible alarm horn or a light just about anywhere.

you can probably find one on line much faster than going to a store but just about any farm store will have one.

Re: emergency heat light

No problemo.

I currently have two houses set up as you're desiring - with lights in windows to alert if either the power is out or the furnace/heating system fails to function. This because I look after these two semi-neighbors houses while they spend the winter in Arizona.

Works like this - I use those candlestick type lights that one usually sees in windows during the winter holidays. Quite a few folks around here leave them there all winter long....and that's why I choose those types of lights. No one driving by/scoping out a neighborhood... sees anything unusual when these types of lights are in the windows and so there is far less chance that someone concludes that the HOs are gone for an extended period...which they *might* if they should see some strange looking lighting device in the window.

Will explain. There are two of these fixtures with white/clear bulbs in them in the windows and two with red bulbs in them. The white ones are plugged directly into the house's outlets and remain on...so long as there is power to the house circuitry. The two with the red bulbs are plugged into the control unit/independant thermostat. If I see a red bulb in the window, then I know the heating system has failed to function and the temp inside the home has fallen below the set point. Reason for two of each bulb color is simple redunancy in case one of the bulbs fails.

So... when I drive by twice a day while on my normal path to and fro...if I see white lights, I know the power is up and fine. If I see both white lights and a red light, I know something is amiss with the heating system. If no lights, then something is awry with the electrical service.

Typically the *light thermostat* is set at 45F and the heating system to 50-52F.

You can likely find these thermostats anywhere that torpedo heaters are sold. Since they are not dedicated to a integral light, they can be used for various devices that you may wish to thermostatically control...including a torpedo heater. You can also take them apart and easily reconfigure the wires inside so that they will act to control a cooling device or cooling fan instead.... or signal you of the failure of a cooling system.


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