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Eliminating mold stain.

My wife and I moved into our new house 3 years ago. The house has a really nice bay window which during our first 2 winters in the house tended to develop lots of condensation which dripped down to the wood trim board at the bottom of the window. For the first 2 years we didn't realize it was happening because we kept the large curtain closed and had our couch in front of it. We've since realized the problem learned to control the condensation in the house for the moment. Needless to say there was some rot and mold growth on the bottom trim board. I dug out the small area of rotten wood and treated the area with a bleach solution and filled with wood filler. I was getting ready to sand and paint when I noticed that the mold "stain" is showing through. I know it will probably show through any paint I put on it so does anyone have any ideas on how to minimize the visible stain? I seen several items in lowes but I wanted to get some other ideas. This is only a temporary solution until I get the board replaced in the next year or two.

A. Spruce
Re: Eliminating mold stain.

You can either shoot the area in question with clear lacquer or a BIN primer such as Zinsser red label. Use several coats to get a good seal, then apply two coats of paint.

Whenever you seal a stain like this, it's going to affect the gloss of the top coat. To minimize this, you can prime the whole board, use a deglossing agent after priming and before paint, or extra coats of paint in the area where primer was NOT used.

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