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Electrolux double oven range sits higher than counter

Although asked by both my contractor and my kitchen designer for the model numbers of my appliances in my (long overdue) kitchen remodel, my Electrolux range sits higher than the granite. I was originally going to have the whole floor tiled (i.e. under the cabinets) but my contractor said that was unnecessary. The floor is tiled under the appliances. If we took the feet off the range, there would be no gap. But the warming oven would scratch the tile. The contractor and the kitchen designer will be working on a solution, but I appeal to the collective wisdom of this forum (they messed it up in the first place so my confidence level right now is not high). It's hard to tell the exact gap because the range is not completely back to the wall (because the gas and electrical hookups were in the wrong place--clearly no one read the specifications). But I think it's 1/4 inch.

The kicker with this is that I did all the homework I thought I had to do. And I was willing to pay the extra tile installation to do the whole floor. aghhh....



Re: Electrolux double oven range sits higher than counter


On your next kitchen insist the entire floor be tiled. Its what we always do. The cabs then set atop the flat, level tiles making the entire installation easier. But that ship has sailed.

I'll bet your contractor forgot to account for the thickness of the tile when the cabinets were set


No underlayment was used for the granite.

You can check easily as a standard countertop height is 36 inches above the finished floor height (AFF)

Re: Electrolux double oven range sits higher than counter

You mentioned that the floor under the appliance is tiled - well, if you remove the tiles, the appliance will drop about 1/4" - 3/8", wouldn't it?

Re: Electrolux double oven range sits higher than counter

The easiest fix other than removing the tiles under the range is to add a filler under the countertops- a major headache in itself unless you can match the finish of the cabinets. Best to raise the cabinets themselves. If the stove is a standard height, then the contractor screwed up by not tiling under the cabinets (or at least shimming them to height). I'd want them to raise the cabinets to where they belong in relation to the new tile floor. If you've got a dishwasher under the countertop I'll bet that it can't be removed for service or replacement now either because the tile is so high in relation to the cabinets. Did they leave that in place and tile around it too?

Among the few things us regular guys here disagree on is whether to tile under cabinets or not, but we all know and agree that they have to be raised to the same height as the tile so that the appliances will work!

This is a very common problem and a truly good contractor would have refused to set or leave the cabinets until he could verify the height of the appliances. A truly good designer would be aware of the potential problem and ensured that the contractor set the cabinets to the proper level. IMHO they both need to go back to doing something they are capable of dealing with: I hear that McDonald's is hiring..... :p


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