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Re: Electrolux Appliances

We just bought all new appliances Labor Day weekend and had to return the refrigerator 3 times because of damage or broken (the 4th one never made it out of the store as it was so damaged). By the way its a Whirlpool Gold the top of the line 3-door freezer on bottom very very expensive. Now thinking to switiching it out for the Elextrolux top of line wanting to know if it is the smarter choice.. any suggestions, because I am fed up with Whirlpool. The entire time we had the one in the house it had so much condensation building up on the door seals and this is only 30 some days, I can't think about months of headachs.:(

Re: Electrolux Appliances

I just purchased an Electrolux wave touch range from Lowes. It costs $150 for the service contract to extend the warranty for 4 years. Is it worth it?

Re: Electrolux Appliances
BraytonAK wrote:

I have a Kenmore slide-in induction range that's built by Electrolux. The range was assembled in Canada. I had to remove the control panel to re-connect the ribbon cable that connects the controller to the oven sensors. After that the error code stopped randomly appearing on the display. Other than that, it has been fine. It's built like a tank (and is about as heavy as one).

The only, Only, ONLY thing I don't like about the range...actually, I despise it, is the searing blue LED clock. It illuminates my entire kitchen in the evening, and every time a number changes, it catches your attention out the corner of your eye. The power-level indicators are also blue (meh), but there are other display portions that are red or orange. Due to the design, you can't even open the clock to place something over it to darken or conceal it.

You could always set the controls to Sabbath mode. That way nothing will appear on the unit until the panel is touched....


Re: Electrolux Appliances

I have enormous experience with electrolux appliances. After living and working in Europe for a decade - I was familar with the brand and like the sleek styling. When we re-did our kitchen in Boston in 2008 decide to go with all electrolux. Seemed like nice high end stuff - range; microwave; diswasher and side by side refrigerator.

The refrigerator has been a DISASTER ! After about 6 months - the ice and water in the door stopped working. The manufacturer advised me to first replace the air then water filters - which I dutifully did. No luck. 9 service calls later (by moderately incompetent technitians) the manufacturer agreed to replace the refrigerator.

I won't bore you with all the details - but - it happened again - and - after first replacing the door - they replaced the refrigerator a second time.

Guess what ? It's happening again !!! The manufacter simply relies on their local authorized reps to service these. The service reps are clearly not well paid and therefore overbook - often don't show and round we go.

All other appliances look and work great. Their refrigerators STINK ! And, there after sales service is even worse !!!

Re: Electrolux Appliances

I've had a similar experience. Agreed, not good at all! :(

Re: Electrolux Appliances

Purchased S/S Icemaker Wave Touch Fridge, matching stove, dishwasher and microwave last June and would like to caution the community that these appliances are not worth the price point. I would much rather have my last set back.... the manufacturer claims the fridge makes ice faster which 8 months after the repair, sadly two large glasses is the max until the next day. Dishwasher -at least washing dishes by hand they're clean ...

Re: Electrolux Appliances

I have an E-lux counter depth French door fridge. We've only had it a few months but so far so good; it's pretty, it's quiet, it holds the temperature accurately and well. But I have no idea about any other E-lux appliances.

Re: Electrolux Appliances

I have experience with Electrolux appliances and it has not been very pleasant. I built a new house last year and spent over $10K to buy 4 new Electrolux appliances. Refrigerator. Cook Top, Double Oven and Dishwasher. 2 of them failed in the first six month, and the dishwasher waited until it was just outside of the warranty and it failed as well.
Electrolux would not step up on the dishwasher so I am very unhappy eith the products. Also, the dishwasher never really cleaned very well.

We also bought 2 Dacor products at the same time, and those have performed wonderfully.

I never buy extended warranties, but if you buy Electrolux, you had better buy the extended warranty or you may be soory


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