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Electrical wiring in garage

We recently moved into a new house. In there garage, there was an electrical box (I assume for an outlet) with 2 12-2 wires coming in. I attached an outlet to these wires. After turning on the breaker, nothing was working from this outlet. Both sides ended up hot? Any ideas to what this electrical box should have been used for? Can I still put an outlet there? Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Electrical wiring in garage

Hardly enough information to venture a guess. Was the breaker double pole? Did you check the wires for power before they were connected to a receptacle?

It's possible it was for a 220 outlet, one set of wires may be a switch loop, you could have an open on the neutral, there may have been a split outlet with one half controlled by a switch.

I would suggest you first check each cable for power, try to see where they are coming from or going to.


Re: Electrical wiring in garage

I was wondering about the 220. The breaker was not double poled. There were 2 breakers to the garage and just shut off both. The garage is drywalled, so it is hard to see where things go.

I did not check the wires before putting them on the outlet. Just figured it was another job the previous owners didn't finish.

I'll get a tester to see what is going on.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks a lot!

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