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Electrical problem in the kitchen?

I live in a mbile home(older) breaker tripped in kitchen went and reset popped again went through all found coffee pot blew out unplugged reset still no power somehow started toaster (not thinking) all power went on turned off the toaster all power off huh??? breaker still tripped then found second breaker tripped now both will not reset and all appliances are unplugged and stranger yet plug in in the bathroom is out too nothing else is out that i know of and landlord is refusing to allow me to fix it or hire to fix it should i be worried or are we safe in this house? and what could the problem be?

Re: Electrical problem in the kitchen?

As long as the breakers are off there will be no electricity going to the problem circuits so you should be safe. Legally your landlord needs to correct the problem. As a renter you should in no way try to fix this problem yourself. If something went wrong you would be responsible if someone got hurt or the place burned down.

Check the breakers are they 20 amp or 15 amp. My guess and this is just a guess as I'm not an electrician but I have wired my entire house. Being an older home if the service was upgraded they may have put in the wrong breaker size for the wiring. If the original wiring was rated for 15 amps and a 20 amp breaker was installed then eventually there could be a problem. Everything would work fine and dandy until something like a broken coffee pot tried to draw more than 15 amps. If the breaker was 15 amps it would just trip and you would unplug the coffee maker and reset the breaker and all would be right with the world. However if there was a 20 amp breaker where there should be a 15 amp breaker the circuit would be allowed to draw more power than the wiring or outlet could handle. It is possible that the wiring melted and there is an open circuit and thus you are not able to reset the breaker. If this is the case you are very lucky there was not a fire. As for two breakers being tripped that is odd. I suppose being an old home some funky wiring may have taken place. Its possible that maybe the two circuits were going though one junction box somewhere and when one circuit got fried it may have fried the other one. Again this is just a guess and I could be completely off the mark. Perhaps some of the other folks have some idea of what it could be.

Again however it is a job that should in no way be tackled by you or anyone you know. You do not want to be responsible. The landlord legally needs to address this problem. Not sure who you would contact in this case perhaps contact the town or city and see what the procedure is for settling disputes with landlords.


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