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Electrical / Plumbing Ground, Bond ?

I own a home in Maryland.  Build in the mid 1960's

Here is my issue:

1.  The copper cold water pips are starting to get pinhole leaks all over the house

2.  I have started replacing the pipes with Pex tubing and connectors.

3. It appears the plumbing was used as the ground for the electric.  

How do I fix this problem? How do I confirm my home is properly grounded?

Re: Electrical / Plumbing Ground, Bond ?


That is caused by poor quality pipe, nothing to do with an electrical ground being conencted. I would never use pex. Copper has been in use for centuries. What you are experiencing is the fact that you have all kinds of garbage in your water supply. Install a couple different types of filters on the incoming supply line. If you cut away the pipe parallel to the length, you will see small deposits of minerals that are making holes in your copper. Replace the pipe that is being used as the outside supply line with K type copper pipe. Most likely you have galvanized pipe underground, and that is where most of the contaminates are coming from. Also Type M copper for inside use is the lowest quality that you can purchase. I bet that was the type used in your house.

To replace the ground that is connected to your incoming supply line, drive an approiate sized ground rod and connect a ground wire from the panel to the ground rod, or even two ground rods if needed. The size and depth of the ground rods are determined by the size of electrical you have at the meter.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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