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Re: Electrical Panel sabotage

To bad you don't live closer Ernie, I have an 85 horse JD tractor with a 7 foot bucket. It came in very handy this past week.

Here I am running out of "shoulder & pork products" and you have to rub that in as well.:cool:
Back to the original post, if the poster has enough Romex in the load center, he can make up pick tails in that box as well.

Re: Electrical Panel sabotage
deadshort wrote:

You able to restock on canned pork product there Ernie? I think the term is pigtails BTW.............. LOL!:D

Dang, I never did pick up on the irony of that thread.

Re: Electrical Panel sabotage
Ernie_Fergler wrote:

Maybe we can patent such a gang plate!!!:D
Quit our day job and loaf life away on a sunny beach on days like today.

if only the demand is way above fries n burgers, only a wish anyway.

Re: Electrical Panel sabotage
magnm01 wrote:

I purchased a foreclosure that the previous owners took out some aggression on. They cut sections of all of the romex leaving the panel. I counted 8 circuits that need to be spliced. The panel is mounted on a finished wall and I only have about 2 inches of wire protruding. My thought is to remove some drywall around the area to expose 8 inches or so of romex. Attach some plywood to the wall then mount 8 boxes to it. I'd like to splice the wires (wire nuts) and run new romex into the panel and breakers. The question is, is this the best approach or is there something better or simpler. What a mess.:(

We see this alot. Generally, its done by an unpaid electrician or like in your case an angry HO. Sometimes you can move the panel up and make all the splices inside the panel. If its only 8 wires, just re-run them. Sometimes we just put two or three junction boxes above the panel (two gang).

Its much nicer to re-run the circuits if you can.


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