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Electrical Novice

I am hoping someone will be able to tell me if these circuit loads look okay. I am trying to wire my unfinished basement and want to avoid adding a sub panel if possible. I want to make sure this looks feasible before I figure out the actual wiring routes and then bring it to the city for a permit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I really want to make sure I am doing everything correctly!

I have a version of this image posted at ( i could not get it to post here): http://picasaweb.google.com/katycoxND/BasementElectrical#5498759945900383842

Re: Electrical Novice

The only reason you might need a subpanel would be if there isn't enough space in the existing panel for 8 more circuits -- at least for what I can think of
Your local code will dictate the need for and where GFCI and AFCI will be required.

Re: Electrical Novice

ha, i will try not to take offense since i am a relatively new transplant to the area. :o)

All the recessed lights are 6" Halo H7ICT, which will have 65W bulbs, but can hold up to 150W, which is what you are supposed to calculate to I think, correct?

I know you are supposed to have a designated GFI for the bathroom, but I assume it is okay to have other items share the circuit that the bath fan/lights will be on?

Since our basement was unfinished it was required to have a working GFI circuit, but I assume I can now use this circuit for other things as I finish the basement? And would I need to go ahead and wire the bathroom GFI for the unfinished areas?

Re: Electrical Novice

With the new requirements for AFI protection in almost every room, I would separate the outlets from the lighting circuits that way you don't lose the lights when the AFI trips. GFCI's would be required in the unfinished areas and the bath. I would also up most of the 15 amp circuits to 20 amps, buying all the same size wiring in bulk would cut the costs and the breakers should be about the same and it will allow for later additions..


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