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Electrical Heat installed beneath Subfloor

In our bathroom, we have tile floor and would like to install some heat to it. I have heard there might be a product out there that would work beneath the subfloor to heat the floor.I want it to be an electrical product. Please let me know if anyone knows of any products, and also if they have had good sucess with them as far as heating the floor. Thank you.

Mike Schuldt

Re: Electrical Heat installed beneath Subfloor

I have used them before, you can get them at your local lighting or tile store. If your floors are always cold its going to help, however they usually only heat the floors to around 70 degrees or so. Don't expect the floors to feel real warm or hot.

Re: Electrical Heat installed beneath Subfloor

That is what I was wondering also. I am wondering maybe then if it would be just as good to insulate under the floor area. I have the foil type insulation..I wonder if it would be best to put that under the floor then put some batt insulation. Thinking the foil type will re-direct the heat up?

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