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Electric water heater hook up

I have a new 2 element electric water heater that calls for 10 gage wire with a 25 Amp breaker. What is already there is 10 gage wire and 30 amp breaker. 2 Questions; is the 30 amp breaker to high and why do they call for 10 gage wire when the red and black wires that come out of the water heater only 14 gauge?

Re: Electric water heater hook up

Well said, thank you:)

Re: Electric water heater hook up
asc2078 wrote:

First, for the gauge of the wire at the heater, the smaller wire is very short in length. When selecting the size of wire for a specific use, one not only looks at size but the distance it will be run.

As for the breaker size, that is more related to the gauge of wire being used than what it is connect to. If a breaker is to large, say 30 amps on a 14 Ga. wire. The wire can fail and cause a fire hazard before the breaker trips. My guess would be that the 25 amp breaker is a minimum requirement for that water heater. A 10 gauge wire should handle a 30 amp breaker with no problem. The 30 amp breaker should be OK if you want to avoid changing it. A breaker is not that expensive if you want to follow the exact recommendations.

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Are 25 amp double pole breakers that easy to find?
I really never looked for one, just asking?:D

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