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electric snow blower

Hi there
I would like to know if a 12 amp plug in snow-blower would be efficient to clear how much snow. I have a 20 ft x20 ft parking lot. Those gas snow blowers are just too big for a girl to use.
Thanks alot.

Re: electric snow blower

Small, single stage electric snowblowers work so long as you don't let the snow accumulate too deep before getting at it. This is true of the larger gas engined single stage blowers too. Also, don't drive on the area to be shoveled before you clear it. These small blowers cannot chip away compacted snow and ice resulting from a car having packed it down. You will have to go out there several times as the snow is falling, rather than wait until it has stopped and piled up.

Re: electric snow blower

Depends on how much snow and type it will work with.
If the snow is an inch of dry , loose then it would probably be ok. Otherwise if it's wet heavy snow -- forget it.

Electric blowers aren't used around these parts --- they just can't handle the snow dumps we get regularly. Besides , an inch or two of snow isn't worth firing up the machine we just shovel it.

Re: electric snow blower


I personally had a Toro single stage gas snowthrower when I lived in the Chicago area. It held up well to the wet, heavy snow typical for the Mid-West. But I did, as I stated above, have to keep up with the snow fall. I could not wait until there was a foot of heavy snow on the ground before getting at it. The up side to a single stage blower is that it cleans much closer to the surface than a larger impeller snowthrower. The rubber single stage blades would slap the surface very clean. Because they are so light, they are easier to use when the snow fall is only several inches or less. I virtually never used my snow shovel, as I could so easily maneuver the light weight (40 pound)

Re: electric snow blower

Electric garden tools are not top choice. However your space is kind of small, and an electric blower might work. Just don't wait too long between uses.

Re: electric snow blower

My wife bought an electric snow thrower for me from QVC a few years ago because she was concerned about my advancing age and my love of the basic snow shovel. Even with a few inches of light, fluffy snow it didn't work very well. The chute kept clogging. Also, trying to maneuver with the extension cord trailing behind was nerve wracking. I now have a single stage Toro and it's great. I paid a little over $400 for it, about twice as much as she paid for the electric, which is hanging in the shed. I hope you have better luck than I did. Maybe ours is just a real cheap-o.

Re: electric snow blower

Just a quick hint for snow blowers: if wet, heavy snow is to be thrown, first spray the shute area with any type of lubricant, silicon spray or even PAM food spray works well.

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