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Edging for new brick walkway

I am trying to find the right kind of sidewalk edging for a straight 50ft walkway. I had difficulty excavating the trench due to maple tree root system, but I think I'm in business...

I need the edging to be strong enough to hold the brick in place, but not cost a fortune. Does the regular plastic edging with the round tube on the top work well for holding bricks in place, or will we need to get the L shaped plastic edging and excavate the dug-out trench 3" more on each side to gain access to the finished path to stake the L-shaped edging.

If the plastic with the tubing on top works well, we'd like to bury it a bit lower than the top of the brick edge so we can bring soil/grass/flowers right up to the brick edge. Is that advisable?

The metal or aluminum edging seems to not be designed to "Hold" bricks in place. It seems more designed for keeping the soil/grass out of the path. AND that is extremely expensive.

Which would you recommend for this project? Cost is a factor... We don't want to have to spend more money on edging than the brick! But if we have to bite the bullet for this to come out right, so be it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Re: Edging for new brick walkway

Thank you so much for the reply!

Just so I'm clear, your advice would not be to, in a sense, make the top of the paver level with the top of the lawn adjacent to it? Your recommendation is either have the pavers raised slighly to prevent run off onto the sidewalk, in which case, there is some trip hazard (2 or 3 inch step up from lawn to sidewalk from the sides). If this is the case, I now understand why there wouldn't be extra excavation with the trench...

OR have the sidewalk set even with the lawn, but add a retention wall along the edging so that it separates the lawn from the sidewalk. In this case the retention wall would be the highest point - Higher than the pavers (obviously) and higher than the lawn?

Is that correct?

I am not familiar with the phrase, "raised soil retaining edge," so please let me know if I am still missing something.

Thanks a lot!

Re: Edging for new brick walkway

For the 2-3 inches comment, I was comparing the top of the brick walk as compared to the soil height, not the top of the mown lawn.

Thanks again for your help.

Blessings on you and yours!


Re: Edging for new brick walkway

I would install an edging of bricks, laid on end like soldiers. This is very stable. You could use nice thick steel edging, too, installed about a half inch below the top of the brick. I would keep the bricks on grade. It gives more flexibility as the use of the spaces change over the years.

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