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Eave/facia problems


Here in the southwest, we're having an unusually cold and wet winter. We've had over 2 feet of snow over Christmas and now it's just starting to melt off.
The problem is, with this melt, a 3 to 4 foot section of the hardboard facia on the eaves of my mobile home is sagging from water leaking behind it. It's also caused the interior framing of the storm window below it to soak and has started to fall. I had thoroughly sealed all of the shingles in that area over the prior summer and they still seem solid, so I'm not sure how the water is getting in.
I guess the question is - what do I do?! Temperatures are down in the single digits at night and hang around 34°F during the day and expecting another storm in a couple of days so using caulking or sealants to get me through won't work. I don't know how to go about repairing or preventing more damage right now, or if I'll have to wait until spring. In the meantime, I'm terrified of soaking framing members behind the wall among other damage.
Roofing contractors won't return my calls, so any help on what I can do in the next couple of days would be of help.

Re: Eave/facia problems

Just a guess but it is likely that you have an ice dam and water is running under the roofing. At this point your bets bet may be to pull the snow off the roof and keep it clear until you can make proper repairs.


A. Spruce
Re: Eave/facia problems

I agree with Jack.

Re: Eave/facia problems

I was worried that would be the answer I'd get, just was hoping for a nifty trick or workaround someone might have had.
But thank you both for the quick responses!

Re: Eave/facia problems

The Southwest is not built for massive snow storms, just as the East Coast is not built for earthquakes.

What jack recommends will buy you time until you are able to fix your damages and secure the roof for the next "one in a hundred year strom", which can happen next year.

Just remember: if you climb on top of the roof, don't slip and fall.

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