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Re: Easy Water conditioning system

To John the plumber, yes sir I was skeptic also, must have been better than 10 years ago I saw similar product at a trade show, I said to the salesman I don't believe it, took the literature read and called the clients to confirm it's use. Got the OK to install it on the 2" well water system directed mainly to the boiler and well water users for the process. 3 months later a galvanized line cleaned it's self, at that point we stopped using the typical water softener, one year later we opened the boiler and the scale fell off in sheets, was proof enough the product worked. Another example was a air conditioning system for the computer department they always had problems of scale build up, installed the unit on a 3/4 in line and never heard them complain again. Installed one on a 3" line for another section of the plant using city water never have had a problem with scale in 2 other boilers and other open heating tanks. Seeing is believing and I was just as skeptic as you. Yes many many years ago they tried magnets on cooling water towers they did not work well, but this worked way beyond my expectation.

Re: Easy Water conditioning system

We own 2 homes - one in northern Michigan and one in upstate New York. Both have hard water but for different reasons.

The one in Michigan is city water but serviced by several wells in the area. There is a lot of iron in the water. We have a whole house filter with a sediment filter (the woven kind - looks like a skein of yarn) just off the main which needs to be changed at least on a monthly basis (recommended change interval is 3 months). However, since replacing those pipes, we have excellent water pressure.

We do not have a water softener in Michigan as the plumber who replaced our galvanized pipes (including the main) with copper told us that water softeners ruin hot water heaters.

The New York state house has a lot of calcium, we have a water softener which handles some or part of the problem, but does not entirely handle it. We bought the house after the prior owner lived in it for 40 years, so we have no idea if he used the water softener or bypassed it.

We have a lot of problems with water pressure in the New York house and we have to clean out the screens on our faucets, remove the shower head and clean it and are now starting to have problems with our Kohler toilets with the black plunger type thing in the tank occasionally getting a build-up and having to be worked by hand several times before it stops sticking again.

We have a garden, in which we bypass the softener to water the vegetables and flowers.

And we also brew beer, in which calcium rich water is a benefit.
We bypass the softener on that as well.

Anthor chemcial we have in our New York house water is manganese (not magnesium as I have read on so many web sites, even those who seem to know what they are talking about when discussing the chemical composition and elements that may enter our water systems). Manganese produces a black slimy substance in our toilet tanks, where it is most evident. If you clean it out of the tank it leaves a pink stain on the white tank walls.

We had our water fully tested before we bought the house and manganese was listed as one of the chemicals in higher concentration; however, it is not harmful and does have some benefits and I did see it listed in my multiple vitamins.

We were assured by the lab (Bender Laboratories in Albany, NY) that our water is safe to drink. They even told me that in some areas in Albany that arsenic is present in the drinking water!

Now this may seem silly to you, but I was wondering if anyone out there is using BOTH the EasyWater AND a water softener on their systems at the same time.

I was thinking if I got the EasyWater it would take care of the calcium which the water softener is doing a not so adequate job on plus cleaning out our pipes (which I am sure are laden with calcium) - and our valves -- and the softener would handle any other problems people are listing with going solo with the Easy Water system.

We could put the Easy Water before the softener, at first bypassing the softener to get the calcium out of the pipes, etc. for a few months, then switching to the softener.

We would also add a new line for drinking water which would come directly after the Easy Water and not enter the softener.

As far as the Michigan house, with the iron issue, from what I can tell, the Easy Water is not going to help there and we do need to get a softener. In that house we don't want to have a drinking water line as there are several large plants (factories) in the area in which we feel the groundwater is being contaminated. EPA rules are followed during the day, and then the plants gear up at night. In that house we have a drinking water filter system under the kitchen sink and have a separate faucet using the sprayer hole in the sink. That has a sediment and a separate charcoal filter.

What does everyone think about what I've said?


Re: Easy Water conditioning system
Climber wrote:

DaisyDog is correct. I am an Electrical Engineer and I see that the Easy Water system claims to work by passing "electronic frequencies" through the pipe. However, a copper pipe would act as a Faraday shield and prevent any electromagnetic waves from passing into the water.

In addition, what Easy Water refers to as "water molecule clusters" do not form as a result of hydrogen bonds as they claim. Water molecules attach as a result of electrostatic bonds. In fact, this characteristic of water is what makes your microwave oven work.

The Easy Water system is clearly bunk. Please do not waste your money.

this is a popular thread on Google's "easywater review" search, so I wanted to make a comment.

I too am an electrical engineer and Faraday Shields don't apply to magnetic fields. The claim that a Faraday Cage will block the effect is untrue. Coiled wire with alternating current creates an alternating magnetic field (Ampere's Law), which has no problem going through metals - similar to a solonoid/electromagnet.

While there's nothing wrong with their physics claims, I have no clue as to their chemical claims - what an alternating magnetic field is doing to Ca and Mg that causes them to no longer be electrostatically charged is beyond me. If it induced a polarization current within the water molecules and ions that could change the macroscopic geometry of deposits is possible, but someone really should look into that to prove if it works. If they can, industry will be switching to this all over the world (scale deposits in heat exchangers is BIG money)

Re: Easy Water conditioning system

I too am curious and somewhat skepticle about the Easy Water device. However there are some very inaccurate comments given by people that if the credentials they claim are real I would not hire them as electrical engineers because they didn't pay attention in school. First only Iron, cobalt, nickel and a few rare earths are capable of creating a “magnetic shield”. If you wind a wire around a copper, aluminum, or Pex plastic tube and pass electricity through the wire a magnetic field is produced inside the tube. If you place an iron nail near the end of the tube it will be pulled into the tube by the magnetic field, this is how a solenoid works. If you did the same with an iron tube the nail would be attracted to the tube itself but not be pulled into the tube. There would be little magnetic field inside the tube because of the shield effect of iron. This is why, if you read the installation instructions it says you must use copper or PEX pipe. Iron pipe won't work.
Second a Faraday shield or cage, as stated by others, does not shield against magnetism but static electricity such as lightning and can be made from any conductive metal. It must also be properly grounded or it will not be effective.
It is annoying to have to wade through so much ignorance or blatant dishonesty when researching a product such as this.
One question I have about the EW device is do they use alternating current frequency or a pulsed DC frequency. It seems to me if they use A/C current that what ever changes were made to the water when the current flowed one way would be undone when the current flowed the other way.

Re: Easy Water conditioning system

Another electrical engineer here. As discussed, the minerals calcium and magnesium add +2 ions to the water. The ions are removed by attaching to a resin bed loaded with sodium. Basic stuff.

Now if you take the same water and place a magnetic field around the minerals, you may or may not polarize the minerals. However, you have not add any negative ions to change the charge of the minerals. Also, when the water passes through the field, the minerals will return to their previous +2 state. They will still attach to your pipe walls.

If you bombard a mineral with high frequency, you will surely agitate it. That is how a microwave works. Agitated molecules because much more aggressive in their desire to leave the electron bond and attach to something else, especially free floating ions. I would think that would make the buildup situation worse. Also, as soon as you remove the frequency, any kind of agitation will be gone and the minerals will return to their normal state. Food doesn't keep cooking when you turn off the microwave.

I deem the Easy Water system a fraud. Good day.

Re: Easy Water conditioning system

Let's be clear on a couple of things. Water softners REMOVE Ca and Mg from your water. However, they are typically just connected to your hot water heater feed line, so your drinking water line is is not softened. Easy Water and similar systems should be considered "descaler's" or "scale prevention" devices. They operate by causing the Ca in the water to precipitate/coagulate on pipes in a form that allows for the normal water flow to shear them off sides of the pipe. If you read one of the technical articles on the Easy Water site, "Physical Water Treatment for the Mitigation of Mineral Fouling in Cooling-Tower Water Applications," by Young I. Cho et al, you find that the soft deposits of calcite that are formed after EW treatment can be removed from the pipe lining under the right flow conditions. However, the paper noted that it was a very narrow range of continuous flow. The systems seem to work in heat exchanges and similar devices where there is a continuous flow. I've read both positive and negative user reports and it could be that that in the case of negative reports their water usage and flow rates just don't fit the right operational profile. So here is my take on this discussion, EW conditioning may or may not work for you depending on the flow rate and usage in your system. Video's showing the water softener guy showing that the water is still hard with a EW system is place are mis-leading. As stated above, the Ca is still in the water as a particle which will show up in the water test (water is buffered as part of the test to a pH that probably dissolves it). If you want the Ca and Mg removed, you'll need a chemical water softener to take them out but note it probably will connected to your hot water line only. I'll speculate that if you drop the Ca and Mg levels in the hot water when mixed with the cold (say in shower) the Ca and Mg levels down to some mixing ratio will stay in solution and have reduced or no scale. I hope this helps with trying to figure out which one to use. My home has chemical water softner in a hard water area. For the most part I don't seem to have any scaling issues, for what that is worth. About one 40lb bag of salt per 4-6 weeks for the two people in our home. We have a Bosch dishwasher using Jet Dry and we get glasses out with no spotting.

Re: Easy Water conditioning system

Have lived in the mountains of New Mexico 25 years and water very hard, lots of scale. We recently purchased the basic Easy Water System mainly to help clear the pipes that sometimes closed off completely from built up scale. We are not engineers adding to all the techie stuff I have read here. But there is an old saying..."The proof is in the pudding". We immediately began to see an improvement in the quality of the water. We were not expecting the side benefits of soap suds when we shower, toilets no longer collecting a ring, faucet strainers no longer clogging, using less soap in the wash, etc. We are totally sold on this system!

Re: Easy Water conditioning system

I had installed the Easy Water System in my home for about 2 years have called the company numerous times as the system doenot work I still get scalling and have had to do work on a brand new heating system as well.

Their return policy stinks and they will not refund your money instead you get a run around of take pictures of your heating system and showers and we will advise what to do--they never do.

I feel this is a company run out of someones garage and the technology is pure BS-- avoid the aggravation and stay away from this company--or if you feel that this system is for you I will sell you mine at a discount.

Nick 201-312-7245

Re: Easy Water conditioning system
mountainmama wrote:

Have lived in the mountains of New Mexico 25 years and water very hard, lots of scale. We recently purchased the basic Easy Water System mainly to help clear the pipes that sometimes closed off completely from built up scale. We are not engineers adding to all the techie stuff I have read here. But there is an old saying..."The proof is in the pudding". We immediately began to see an improvement in the quality of the water. We were not expecting the side benefits of soap suds when we shower, toilets no longer collecting a ring, faucet strainers no longer clogging, using less soap in the wash, etc. We are totally sold on this system!

If you are sold I will sell you mine at a discount.

Re: Easy Water conditioning system

nice advise :cool:


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