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Re: Easy Water conditioning system

DaisyDog is correct. I am an Electrical Engineer and I see that the Easy Water system claims to work by passing "electronic frequencies" through the pipe. However, a copper pipe would act as a Faraday shield and prevent any electromagnetic waves from passing into the water.

In addition, what Easy Water refers to as "water molecule clusters" do not form as a result of hydrogen bonds as they claim. Water molecules attach as a result of electrostatic bonds. In fact, this characteristic of water is what makes your microwave oven work.

The Easy Water system is clearly bunk. Please do not waste your money.

Re: Easy Water conditioning system

My Easywater system is wrapped around a copper pipe and I am recieving treatment. I have pictures if you would like. email me.

Re: Easy Water conditioning system
ohio_state wrote:

My Easywater system is wrapped around a copper pipe and I am recieving treatment. I have pictures if you would like. email me.

If the Easywater system does what it says through a copper pipe, then the developers of that system would be eligible for the Nobel Prize in physics. Somehow they have overcome the laws of physics that make coaxial cable work, that keeps your microwave oven from cooking YOU, that protects sensitive government installations from being eavesdropped, that protects your PC from interference...I could list a hundred things.

Any electrical engineer or physicist would find Easywater's claims to be utterly preposterous.

Re: Easy Water conditioning system

I think you could save a lot of money by just taping rare earth magnets to the pipes, oh weight that was the forerunner to the Easywater scam.

Re: Easy Water conditioning system
ohio_state wrote:

My Easywater system is wrapped around a copper pipe and I am recieving treatment. I have pictures if you would like. email me.

I sure hope you are.:rolleyes:

Re: Easy Water conditioning system

I was curious about the easy water system and I spent many hours surfing the net for reviews on it. Most of the reviews posted by people who never even tried the system said it wouldn't work. I finally decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. Their system works just like they say it will. It is NOT a water softner it is a descaler. I have very hard well water and was cleaning my aerators on my faucets once a month. In less than two years of having a brand new water heater i had to replace the bottom element because the lime and mineral deposits were so deep it covered the element completely and burnt it up. It took hours to drain my water heater because the water barely trickled out the drain. I bought the system installed it as instructed and waited. First thing i noticed was the aerators were clearing up and flowing much better. Now after having the system for about four months I am amazed. I have done a couple blow downs on my water heater and was blown away myself. The water drains so fast now i have to hold on to the hose because the pressure and believe it or not the water is crystal clear. I haven't had to clean or replace a single aerator since installing this system. If your like me and love the way your well water taste but don't like what it does to your water fixtures then I HIGHLY recommend this. Its a bit pricey but if you take in the cost of a salt softner system then the cost of buying salt for as long as you have it then you will see that it will really pay for itself and you have zero upkeep. So if your considering this system you might take advice from someone who has one. It really does work.

Re: Easy Water conditioning system

I have been doing my home work
And I have opted for the hydroflow
The system seems unique and has been around for a long time.
Backed with a solid guarantee.
The deciding point, was during my research.
Every time i Googled either hydroflow or hydrocare
AquaGenesis with easywater is right there, with a sponsored link.
Meaning they pay to appear when either hydroflow or hydrocare is searched
Don't you think if there product was so good they wouldn't need to do this.
Then when you visit there site they compare against the hydroflow
on everything but neglecting to compare performance.
It's sad.
I tried googling aquagenisis or easywater and hydroflow was nowhere to be found.
That's why I prefer to invest in the one that's riding on there quality of product
and not the parasitic one which can't make it's way on its own

Re: Easy Water conditioning system

I am in the process of researching the Easy Water system to get a good feel for whether or not it is a viable solution. I am not in a position to speak for or against the system, but I do find it very interesting. Remarks were made in previous posts arguing that the copper pipe would act as a shield to the electro magnetic field. I agree that the copper pipe provides shielding. What was not mentioned though is the fact that a current passing through a coil of wire wrapped around the copper pipe would induce a current in the copper pipe itself. Now that a current is passing through the copper pipe, does this have a polarizing or ionizing effect on the water molecules?

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Re: Easy Water conditioning system

The purpose of a regular water conditioner is to remove the excessive magnesium and calcium ions in a household water supply and replace them with sodium ions. When water has excess minerals such as magnesium and calcium, it is called "hard water," and it is difficult to use for household purposes like cooking and washing
The EasyWater System creates a physical change to water without using salt, chemicals or filters.

The EasyWater signal wire is wrapped around a copper, PVC or PEX pipe.

Electronic frequencies (not actual electricity) pass through the pipe and cause molecular agitation in the water

As a result the minerals lose their electrostatic charge, and do not stick to piping, water heaters, and other water using equipment.

By eliminating the use of salt or chemicals, EasyWater is safe to treat all the cold and hot water in a home, including the outdoor faucets.

The system retains beneficial calcium and magnesium minerals in the water, but prevents the minerals from forming deposits in water-using appliances.:)

Re: Easy Water conditioning system

The basic filtration system will have the main filter unit, the pre filter, installation kit, shut off valve and required hardware.


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