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Easy methods for replacing galvanized water supply pipe to second story

House is a 1922 Foursquare and I've real low cold water preassure to the second floor. Just bought the house. Hot is fine. While pipe in the basement and the first floor looks to be copper, I can definitely see a galvanized cold supply running up from the basement. Assuming it needs to be replaced is there a way to fish PEX up the wall through the holes the pipe is in now? Looks like a question for a plumber to answer on-site but thought I'd begin here.

Re: Easy methods for replacing galvanized water supply pipe...


You will want to replace both at the same time. Galvanized pipe is prone to corrosion from the inside out. This type of pipe will leach harmful products into the water, things such as lead and rusty steel. I would recommend using copper and not pex. Copper is a much higher quality product and has a proven history of over 2000 years. You would have better luck sending copper pipe thru the same holes. But then again, why would you want too? It will cause a rub against the wood. And you will hear that every time the water is flowing.

I just removed all the galvanized pipe from our house and used copper every where. I ran 3/4" lines to each device. I created a manifold system for both hot and cold sides. I can turn off any one single side of any device from a central place in the basement. Makes life easy.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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