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earring down the sink drain

I recently dropped an earring (my only, teenie little diamond stud) into the sink in my bathroom, and of course it rolled right down the drain.

Is there any way I can retrieve this? It looks like the pipes under the sink make a "U" shaped curve. I don't know how to get the pieces of pipe apart and am not sure I can put them back together!

Thanks for any help/advice you can provide.

Re: earring down the sink drain

You can get a plumber in for $350 :rolleyes:
or twist the lock nut rings on the upper and lower end of the U and you should be able to jiggle it apart.
Take loads of pictures as you do it and number them 1-50 so you don't forget.lol
When re-installing start from picture 50and work your way back to 1 :eek:

Re: earring down the sink drain

I did that too, but with an ordinary contact lens. Went over across the street to a handy plumbing co. and explained the situation and asked to borrow a pipe wrench (someone i worked with told me how to get the trap off), and the owner handed a wrench to one of his guys and sent him over, free. I must've looked like the village idiot. :o

Well, he showed exactly like Andy said, but he did one more thing - the put my dishpan under the trap and that was good because water and the lens went into it. Then he watched while I put it back together.
What comes apart goes back together in the reverse order he said. And it didn't even leak. woohoo!

So the main thing is, put a dishpan or something under the drain when you take it apart.

Michael Pastor
Re: earring down the sink drain

There is a MUCH easier way. Just put some fine mesh (panty hose, etc.) over the end of a shopvac hose, and suck it out. Go to this link for video instructions...


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