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dying plants in raised flower beds

I realy need your help. I have a raised flower bed in the front of my house and cannot keep flowers alive. There is a rose bush, columbine, cora bells, blackeye suesans, hostas, dasies and a lilly. all not doing so well (turning yellow, wilting and/or just stoped blooming). They get plenty of sun light and water, soil has been turned and fertilized (Scotts rose and bloming flower pellates) and i use peet moss instead of mulch. I do the same for the back yard and my plants are doing great! what am i doing wrong?

Re: dying plants in raised flower beds

I have found out the the best fertilizer is the simple manure. Try it.

Re: dying plants in raised flower beds

Sometimes raised beds don't work as well as people hope for. They are great in the northeast, where most PBS gardening shows originate and they are best suited to vegetable gardens and annual plants. The further south and west that you go, the less they work as they tend to get too dry. Peat Moss as a mulch makes it worse.

With perennials, you should not have your raised bed more than 2" tall, 1" usually is enough. Till in the peat moss. If you can get shredded leaves this fall, collect them and use them as a mulch, but not more than an inch thick. Two to three inches of wheat straw makes an excellent mulch if you can't get the leaves.

Now, if you can find a pile of composted leaves, work in a couple inches of this into your bed. Cow or horse manure is good as well as long as it is aged or composted. Watch out for weeds though, but once they all sprout and you pull or chop them, it will be worth it.

The leaves and manure will provide most or all the micro nutrients that your plants need, but for now you might add some "Ironite", epsom salts and or a fertilizer like Miracle Grow, but just a small amount. You can kill your plants with too much chemical fertilizer.

Last thing is to check your soil for pH. If it is too acid or too alkaline, some plants will simply not grow. You can find little test kits at many garden centers of the big box stores.

Re: dying plants in raised flower beds

Check and see if your gas line runs under the flower bed. A small gas leak will kill almost all vegetation. If it does run under the bed call your utility company to bring a sniffer out and test for a leak.


Re: dying plants in raised flower beds

Where did you get the soil for the front beds from? Is it the same as in back?

The only reason I say is that the soil you used may have been treated with and herbicide which may have left some residue.

Re: dying plants in raised flower beds

Thank you for all your sugestions. They are truely appreciated. I have been trying to get some much needed color to the front of my house for years. I just hope all goes well now. Thank you again.

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