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DVR wont record TOH

I have a Panasonic DMR-EH50 that has of late, no longer records shows programmed for Saturday morning unless its turned on. It records all other shows during the week.

On Saturday morning, if the DVR is off, which is a standby mode, it will not start recording until it is turned on, then it will start recording, even if the show has already started. During the week, it will record all scheduled shows while off (in standby). I tried turning it on early this Saturday morning and then turning it off to see if that would make it start recording, but it didn't.

Once it starts recording a Saturday show, you can turn it off and it will record all the scheduled shows for that Saturday, but unless it gets turned on during a scheduled recording, it won't record anything on Saturday. Whether or not it is turned on on Saturday, it will record all other scheduled shows during the week.

It also doesn't matter if the shows are a timed schedule, that is it will record the selected channel at the scheduled time, regardless of what's on, or if show is scheduled through the TV Guide feature.

When I bought it three years ago, it worked on Saturdays, it's only recently that this has started to happen.

Re: DVR wont record TOH

Aloha keith3267,
It sounds like it could be a possibly hardware issue. You may what to bring it into a repair shop. I have seen these kind of issue in the past with many of my other customers. They had older equipment that would not work. It ended up being a hardware issue.


kreg mcmahon
Re: DVR wont record TOH

sounds to me like the dvr has converted to orthodox judism...... can't work on sat!!! ;)

Re: DVR wont record TOH

I thought may be it was because I used up its quota of Saturdays. Most of the shows that I record are the Saturday morning PBS shows like Yankee Workshop, TOH, Hometime etc. I haven't used any Fridays and very few Sundays, can I transfer the quota's?

Just joking. I'm wondering of there is a Microsoft operation system somewhere inside this thing that needs to be rebooted. I have tried a total power down, plug out of the wall, did not help. This thing has always been a little quirky but sense its relatively new technology, I figure thats the price of being too close to the leading edge.

I have completely deleted the programming schedule and reprogrammed it but that didn't help either. I have not called Panasonic about this problem, but I have called them before on other issues and they basically told me they didn't have a fix and weren't planning on looking into it. That was the issue of programming channels that didn't exist and no way to delete them in the OTH mode.

I found my own workaround on that one. I live in an area without cable so I use it over the air. I redid the setup but told it I was on cable. It found all the OTH channels and I deleted the ones that didn't really exist or I didn't want. Turns out that TV Guide broadcasts OTH in this area and I am able to take advantage of that feature.

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