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Duct or Ductless Air

My house in New Orleans, LA, was built in 1902(ish). It flooded during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. There are 2 apts in the basement; I am thinking about redoing at least one. There was central air and heat originally in each apt. Do I redo with existing ductwork (above the water line, but sat in an area that did have active mold at one point) or is it more cost efficient to go with the ductless mini systems? All units (compressors, etc.) would need to be replaced.

Re: Duct or Ductless Air

If you're going to put in all new units, might as well put in all new ducts and vents. Otherwise it's like changing your oil but not the filter.

Today's vents are not your yesterday's vents: today they are flexible, insulated and easy to install.

Re: Duct or Ductless Air

It depends on the amount of ductwork you have to replace, you may be able to save money going Ductless depending on the square footage of the space being conditioned. You may need a multi evap ductless if the space is to big or depending on the layout. If any of that ductwork had mold, as you say, don't take a chance with it, have it taken out. Get a few quotes both ways and see what you get back and go from there. A single head (evap) ductless can be installed in 4-6 hours, much less than a full ducted system that could take 2-3 days. As for the Flex Duct that dj1 is referring to check your local or state codes for the maximum allowable length.

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